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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 9 "Perishable" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with Deputy Parrish in his police car. It is being covered with gasoline. One of his coworkers is going to kill him by setting him on fire. He gets set on fire. Hence the name of the show Perishable.... Stiles and Lydia tells Mr. Stilinski about their theory about Lydia's grandmother being alive and is or working with the benefactor. In walks a naked and burnt Parrish into Police Headquarters. Parrish beats up the cop that tried to kill him. Parrish is with Derrik, Scott, and Lydia. They are confused about what he is. Scott shows off his red eyes. Mr. Stilinski is in the hospital as he caught a stray bullet during the fight. Apparently Mr. Stilinski is having money problems. Parrish asks a great question on how easy is it to get the list. 

Liam's printer is going off. It prints out who is already dead on the list. Lydia mentions to the gang that Meredith was at her Grandmother's lake house once and never went back. Apparently Lydia's Grandmother found Meredith because of a friend, Maddy. Apparently Lydia's Grandmother worked at IBM and started hearing the sound of rain but is was clear and sunny outside. The loud rain caused her to scream. Her Grandmother called Maddy. There was an accident and Maddy died. They built a study in the Lake House to understand what was going on with her. They brought Meredith in to the study and they almost killed her. Lydia says her grandmother drove Meredith insane and Lydia drove her to suicide. 

Parrish is still confused as to what he is. Stiles adds the picture of Lydia's Grandmother to his board. Derek is told that his name unlocked the list. Scott is concerned that he is a dead man walking. Scott returns to his bedroom and thinks some of the money is missing so he recounts it. Liam walks into the school being paranoid. Liam keeps reliving the Beserker attack and is spooked. Stiles and Lydia attempt to crack the code. They crack the code and its a list of names. Scott checks in with Liam to see what is wrong with him. Liam mentions the printer drama. The printer at the school is going off and the printer with Stiles is spitting out the list as well. Derek's name is not on the list and Liam is no longer worth 3 million but is now 18 million.

Parrish helps Lydia and Stiles and they note it is a dead pool of people that have already died. They all died of suicide at the insane asylum that Meredith was at. Scott is at the bonfire to make sure no one gets hurt. Malia is getting drunk at the bonfire and so is Liam. They should not be able to as they are Weres and Scott is concerned. Lydia and Stiles go to bride the mean orderly at the crazy house. Lydia wrote Stiles name on the list and when he asks why in comes the orderly with a stun gun. The orderly has a tape with Lydia's Grandmother's name on it as he killed her grandmother. Scott is starting to get affected as well. Scott realizes the music is affecting them. Lydia listens to the tape. Lydia's Grandmother begs for him not to hurt Aerial which is what Lydia called herself and used to unlock the code from the grandmother. The orderly never understood that part of the tape. Parrish comes in and saves the day by shooting the orderly. He killed the grandmother and used Meredith to create the deadpool according to Lydia. He killed Meredith when she tried to help them. The orderly says that Meredith was controlling him. Lydia realizes that the orderly is not the benefactor. In walks Meredith saying that the orderly was not on her list but he was a bad person.

Scott, Liam, and Malia are carried into the school by security. They are dosed in gasoline. Liam's friend steps up and unplugs the music. Braeden and Derek show up and beat up the security. Scott, Liam, and Malia are saved.

My Thoughts: I guess we are not going to address that Scott was just dead last week. Derek's name might have been removed from the list as he is no longer supernatural which is my theory.

Problem - Every Joe Smoe looking for a pay day will now be after the supernaturals as we saw with the cop that did not know what he was doing. The potential for collateral damage is high.  

Okay so what do you think Parrish is? A phoenix or a Jinn? He did not get burned. He has to be something that fire cannot hurt. 

Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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