Thursday, September 18, 2014

Arrow – Why you should watch!

Okay, so you’re looking for washboard abs, fun plotlines, and sexily brooding heroes? Look no further than Arrow on the CW. It could have been another terrible show about a crusader in tights versus a mustache-twirling villain (think The Cape…actually don’t, that show was terrible).  Instead, you get Oliver Queen, hot scion of the wealthy Queen family, shipwrecked on a deserted island for five years, rescued and returned to the arms of his crazy dysfunctional family (Dad died in the same shipwreck, Mom has remarried the guy who took Dad’s place in the firm – awkward!) and a hometown in the grips of corruption and greed.

Daddy Queen was part of that corruption and greed, repented at the last minute and inspired in Oliver the need to put things right. Each episode operates with a Baddie Of The Week but you always get extra juicy back story, jaw-dropping (and more importantly shirtless) physical feats, and smoldering looks of unrequited love, lust, hate and more (okay, the hate is sometimes requited). But wait, there’s more! The women are just as hot as the men, even the trusty computer-nerd side-kick. The story arcs are compelling and fun, the Easter Eggs are rampant for the comic book geeks, and the writers are careful to make the storytelling compelling for people who have no earthly idea who the hell these people are in the D.C. universe they came from.

Season three is about to premiere so if you start DVR’ing now you can catch up on the first two seasons via Netflix. This year there’s a bunch of talk about Oliver’s successes at the end of last season and how that might lead to his resting a bit on his laurels (there’s even a rumor that he gets to have an actual date!) before he’s called back down to earth to deal with his deadliest villain yet – Peter Stormare (Fargo) as Count Vertigo. 

As if that’s not enough, Arrow has been so wildly successful (great writing, great cast…) that it’s getting its first spinoff after only two years on the air. Last year we were introduced to Barry Allen, a geeky but sweet scientist who as the result of a lab accident suddenly has the power of super speed. The Flash is set to premiere on Oct. 7th and based purely on the trust I have for the writers of the Arrow, I’ll be tuning in and you should too.

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