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Gotham S1, Ep. 1 "Pilot" Review

Show starts with young Selina Kyle (Catwoman) running the streets of Gotham. She is moving cat like and as if she did a parkour course. Plus she is stealing left and right as she navigates the area. She stole milk for cats and sees a family coming down the alleyway and takes off. It is Bruce Wayne and his family. It is that faithful night. His parents are shot and the pearls fall. You know the usual story. Selina saw the whole thing as Bruce screams and cries for his parents. Cop shop - Gordon talks down a junky that grabbed a cop as hostage. He beats the guy up and takes quick control of the situation. Gordon and his partner Bullock are called to the murder of the Waynes. Bullock tries to bail on the case when he realizes it is the Waynes. Gordon sits down to talk to Bruce about what happened. Bonding moment, awe! Alfred shows up and Young Mr. Wayne runs to him. I tip my hat to Fox for already drawing us in and establishing a connection. 

Gordon and Bullock show up to a typical city greasy spoon diner. Major Crimes tries to take the case but Bullock tells them no. Bullock is pushing that seasoned bitter cop role hard. I think he is playing it up too much. Now they are doing the typical light swinging in the interrogation room as they try to work out information from witnesses. 

Ballistics expert for the cops is Edward Nygma (Riddler) and he is fun. The right amount of odd. I hope to see him more. We are finally introduced to Fish Mooney who has Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) as part of her crew. Bullock appears to be extra friendly with Fish Mooney. They are there to ask about the Wayne murders. Gordon returns to a pretty lady who gives him some motivational words. Mooney comes through with a name of who could of killed the Waynes. They show up to meet Mario Pepper and we get to meet Ivy Pepper (Poision Ivy) for the first time. Mario takes off running. Action sequence. Fight sequence and Bullock shoots Pepper to save Gordon. As the cops are checking out the Pepper residence they find evidence supporting Pepper as being the killer. It is obviously planted. Cobblepot tells the Major Crimes people that Mooney is framing Pepper with the help of the cops. Funeral time. Selina is lurking around. Gordon shows up and Bruce says thank you for finding the man that killed his parents. Major Crimes lady showed up to Gordon's lady and starts saying that Gordon is dirty. Apparently they have a history. Barbara later asks Gordon if Pepper was framed. Gordon is now determined to find out who killed the Wayne's and how Pepper was framed. Gordon tells Bullock that Pepper was framed. Bullock wants Gordon to forget about it. 

Gordon shows up to see Mooney. He wants to know what she and Bullock talked about. The goons show up and as Gordon is fighting Mooney knocks him out. Bullock lies to Barbara when she cannot find Gordon. Gordon is now tied up in the meat house. Bullock shows up to stop Gordon from getting in more trouble. He makes a deal with Mooney not to kill Gordon but he ends up strung up as well. Mooney turns on Cobblepot about how he snitched to Major Crimes. She beats him for turning on her. As Gordon and Bullock are about to die, in walks Falcone and he takes out some of Mooney's people. He says they are rules and they are free to go. Falcone framed Pepper to keep the crime of the city organized. He says Gotham is on an edge and bringing down the police department and city hall will not make it better. 

Bullock and Gordon are at a pier. Gordon has to kill Cobblepot so everything is right with Falcone. Gordon has to decide to do it to save himself and Barbara. Cobblepot's ankle/leg is messed up so we know how he gets his Penguin walk. Gordon fakes killing Cobblepot by shooting the gun by him and pushing him off the pier. Gordon is now playing the game. Gordon shows up and sees Bruce on the roof who is trying to conquer his fear. He tells Bruce the truth of Pepper. Bruce says he is glad he is still alive so he can see him again. Vigilante time! Bruce lets Gordon know he is fine with him. Selina is lurking outside the estate. Cobblepot comes out of the water a changed man. 

My thoughts: Well this show just started and it had a strong pilot episode. Based off of IMDB it looks like there are only 6 episodes and we shall see if they green light it to continue. The show was good I must admit. I know I must be careful as I was burned by Smallville. So I will try to wait and see how this goes. What were your thoughts on this show.

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