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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 12 Season Finale Recap

"Smoke and Mirrors"

Show starts with Kara waking up on the bed of bones. The door to her cell is open and she keeps saying Scott's name as she walks the corridors. She comes face to face with berserker Scott and sees the tattoo. Kate tells Kira her evil sinister plan. She mentions how the temple is a Smokey Mirror filled with obsidian. I guess we have the title reference. The berserkers helped her survive. She learned that she could create berserkers she is called the bone woman. She has Scott stab Kira. Stiles is trying to convince his father to let him go to Mexico. Mr. Stilinski wants to make a plan. Braedan and Derek have their guns and planning to head to Mexico. They have a special moment, awe! In walks Peter saying that they need help. Liam wants to go to Mexico too. Malia and Stiles says he cannot go because he isn't able to control himself during the full moon. Braedan secures a prison transport van in order to transport Liam. They need to wait for Lydia but she gets confronted by a berserker. Peter keeps telling the group to kill Berserkers which is foreshadowing because you know Scott is one. 

Liam calls Mason to find Lydia. Mason comes face to face with a berserker. Mason and Lydia both find themselves kidnapped by the Berserker. Kira is delirous from blood loss and sees her mother who talks her through finding a way to trigger her healing ability by causing pain. Liam loses control in the back of the van. Stiles is able to get Liam to focus and get himself under control before they make it to the church. As soon as they stop a berserker attacks injuring Derek badly taking him out of the game. Stiles get a call while they are in the church. Mr. Stilinski is concerned about Stiles but Stiles tells him to find Lydia and Mason. Braeden stays with Derek and takes on a berserker. As she is about to die in rolls Parrish and Argent! Great background music always follows Argent. Stiles finds Kira who is informed that one of the berserkers is Scott. That is why Lydia is not there because she could tell them. Derek passes out and dies. 

Lydia and Mason decide to confront the berserker to escape. Mason runs at him with a baseball bat and gets knocked back. Mr. Stilinski comes in and throws the berserker a bomb effectively killing it. Mr. Stilinski points out that it was all to stop Lydia from telling them that they are trying to kill someone and that someone being Scott. Stiles gets there in time to stop them from killing Scott. Scott grabs Liam. Liam tells Scott he is not a monster he is werewolf. Scott wakes up and takes off the berserker gear. He rips of the mask and roars. He looks at Peter and notes that it was Peter behind it all. Peter changes and Scott goes to confront him. Peter looks more like a vamp from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Braeden checks on Derek while Argent and crew take on Kate. Argent is in pain but pulls out some bullet that has a yellow glow in it, maybe the flower from before? They hear a wolf howl and in comes a real wolf with blue eyes. It attacks Kate and turns back into Derek. Wow he is able to fully change like his mother. Derek is now naked taking on a berserker with his bare hands and winning. Argent shoots Kate with his magic bullet. She runs into the church ruins. 

Peter and Scott fighting. Scott gets thrown. Peter tries to kill Liam and Scott stands up between the two. Scott is now super charged and able to take on Peter with no problem. He does a Mortal Kombat upper cut causing Peter to fly in the air and hit the wall. Scott says that Peter was never an alpha and then knocks him out. Argent is chasing after Kate. Kate says that Argent is lost because Scott isn't a hero because they killed Allison. Argent says Allison died saving her friends. Kate makes a run for it. Argent is going to be with the Calaveres as they will leave Scott and scooby gang alone if he helps catch Kate. Peter is down for the count with yellow wolfsbane. Derek talks to Braedan who says that she used to be a US Marshall but was always looking for the Desert Wolf. There we go again! Looks like Derek will be going off into the sunset with Braedan. Stiles returns home and Stilinski is happy to be home. He gives a hug to Malia and handcuffs Stiles for running off. Kira brought back the obsidian that she used to cut herself and it becomes her first tail. Stiles, Scott, and Liam try to come up with a story for coach but he doesn't believe them. Lydia and Parrish are talking. She shares with him the bestiary and wants to help him figure out what he is. 

At the crazy house Peter is now locked up on the special floor. He is in the same room as the three eyed guy and apparently the cells are made of mountain ash. Peter starts screaming and freaking out after seeing the eye.

My Thoughts: 

Looks like the Derek we knew died and he evolved into a full wolf just like his mother. So that makes Lydia's scream partially right. Okay Eiken house now has Peter. Is it just me or isn't Eiken house just Arkham Asylum just waiting to happen. I just feel like we are all waiting for the mass break out to occur.  I cannot wait for Season 5 to see who the Desert Wolf is, Derek's new powers, and what Parrish is. 

What are you looking forward to?

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