Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.5 "Will"

Recap: Lucille is ashamed of how she acted at dinner.  Margaret tells her that all she was doing was being honest.  Barbara tries to mend her relationship with Maggie by having drinks and sharing conversation.  They start to get along well.  Barbara makes up with Sheriff Langston and spends the night with him.  When Margaret finds her with him the next morning, she is very unhappy.  Margaret tries to manipulate Maggie into getting her father to stay away from Barbara.  Maggie is unable to change things and she realizes her father is happy. Agent Bellamy confronts Margaret concerning the "Returned" from her childhood and the factory fire.  He asks her why the two "Returned" finally stopped coming back.  Margaret reveals that they lost the will to live.

Maggie realizes that Agent Bellamy told the government about the bones.  He tries to get the government to step in to help fight the virus.  They do not send any help.  More and more of the "Returned" become ill with the virus.  Carl's brother slowly gets worse. At first, Carl finds joy in watching his brother suffer.  By the end, he feels remorse as his brother begs and pleads for his help.  Carl's brother disappears.  Margaret talks to Barbara and convinces her to lose the will to live.  Elaine witnesses Barbara disappear.  She tells Maggie.  Rachael and Agent Bellamy contract the virus.  

Review: The key to keeping the "Returned" from coming back is making them lose the will to live.  Margaret explains that living is a choice.  I never would have guessed that was the key to their existence.  I wonder if Agent Bellamy will understand the clue that Margaret gave him or will he just assume it is the virus that makes them disappear. 

I actually feel bad for Maggie and Sheriff Langston.  They were finally reconnecting with Barbara.  Margaret had to mess things up.  Margaret has a plan.  What's her next move?

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Veronica Fitzpatrick
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