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The Vampire Diaries S6. Ep.1 "I'll Remember" Recap

Episode starts with a couple making out in a tent in the woods, cliché anyone? Sheriff Forbes tells the kids to pack it in. The guy realizes he is all alone and then sees his girlfriend dying and gets attacked as well. Four months has passed since the end of the other side. Elena is walking to the crypt. She does an overview of her life and wants to become a doctor. Elena meets with Alaric who is drinking blood because he is a vampire. Matt has been working out. Jeremy is randomly hooking up with chicks. Stefan took off and is looking for someone that can talk to the dead. Caroline dropped out of school and is hanging out on the border of Mystic Falls since the anti-magic border is up. Tyler is now back in school. Caroline does not want to leave her mom. Elena is talking to an imaginary Damon via some powder from the witch Luke. 

Alaric is teaching at the university. Elena is in the class as well as Liv and Tyler. Luke tells Elena that she needs to face reality and stop using the herbs to see Damon. Alaric is talking to Stefan to see if he has anything. Caroline meets with Alaric and cannot find anything about an anti-magic border. Caroline is supset that Stefan left and did not say goodbye. Elena called Matt to speak to Jeremy. She wants him to get off the couch and get it together. Jeremy is on a downward spiral. Elena shows up to Luke's place. He refuses to give her more herbs. She roughs him up for denying her. 

Elena is riding around in the car and talking to Damon. Damon tells her that he is gone and that she has to deal with it. Tyler is now human and Alaric tells him to keep himself together before he does something stupid to trigger the werewolf gene. Looks like Tyler has the hots for Liv. Stefan is hooking up with some chick. He apparently tells her nothing about his life. Alaric is drinking blood out of a flask. Elena comes up to a chick that is going to mystic falls. She was feeding but Caroline interrupts before she can wipe the girl's mind and she gets away. Elena admits to Caroline that taking the herbs helps her see Damon. Elena says she is dealing with it. Caroline says she isn't and she needs to leave so she can fix it. Matt sees the girl that was attacked. It appears as though the sheriff and Matt are going to cover up the problem. Stefan finally takes Elena's phone call. She begs him to give her hope. Stefan admits that he stopped trying and said goodbye. He tells her it is time to move on. 

Caroline fills Tyler in about the herbs from Luke. She blames Luke for the herbs and Tyler says he will handle it. Matt takes the girl to the border to Caroline can compel her. Tyler is drunk and confronts Luke. He roughs him up but Alaric breaks it up. Elena is back in the crypt again taking the witchy herbs. Elena talks to Damon and says thank you for all that he has done. She says she has to let go and kisses him. Damon turns on her and says she will feel the pain forever. She breaks down crying. Liv confronts Tyler and he apologizes. Tyler says he has a lot of rage and he does not know how to deal with it. Liv walks away. Caroline calls Stefan but only gets a voicemail. Caroline says Elena is hiding, Tyler has problems, Matt and Jeremy does not leave Mystic Falls. Jeremy is in the woods drinking. Caroline is sitting in a diner close to town trying to get home. She wants him to help her fix it. Stefan sees the voicemail and destroys the phone. Elena asks Alaric how he is dealing with it. Alaric admits to hating being a vampire. She asks Alaric to compel her to forget loving Damon since he has that ability. We see Damon making pancakes for Bonnie. They seem to be enjoying each others company. 

My Thoughts: Obviously we knew Damon and Bonnie were not done for. We just have to wait for the explanation as to what happened to them. They seem to be happy living their lives wherever they are. It almost looks like the boarding house but I am not sure where they are. I do really want Stefan and Caroline together and I was hoping he would show up there but apparently not. Everyone is falling apart in different ways. It was a shame to see. Great opening of the season, I wonder how it will work out with everyone. 

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