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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 4 "Slabtown" Recap

Beth wakes up in a hospital in Atlanta. It reminds me of Resident Evil for a moment there.  A cop (Officer Dawn Lerner played by Christine Woods) walks in with a doctor. They claim she was surrounded by walkers. They claim that they saved her and she owes them. Doctor takes Beth around and shows her another patient that he cuts off the life support, then kills to stop from becoming a zombie. Beth helps dispose of the body. It appears as though she now works at the hospital. They throw the body down the elevator shaft to be eaten by the zombies in the basement. A cop talks to her while she gets food and sounds like she is going to be used for something soon. Beth talks to the doctor and says that he is lucky if he feels safe enough to be bored. He shares some of his food with her.

A new patient comes in. They encourage the doctor to help save the guy. The Dawn becomes upset with the doctor (Dr. Steven Edwards) for not being able to save him and she slaps Beth in anger. According to the Edwards, Dawn is known for her anger. They see the two cops bringing in a woman, Amber. She was bitten and wants to die. They cut off her arm using wire which reminds me of the movie Audition. That movie creeped me out. Beth meets Noah (Chris from Everybody Hats Chris). Apparently Noah believed they killed his father on purpose. He wants to get out of there. There is no such thing as working off your debt. Dawn wants Beth to contribute and not see the place as a life sentence. Beth is humming as she is mopping up the blood. Amber claims "she can't control them". That there was some deal made with someone. Who is hoping that the someone is Neegan. Raise your hands! Beth is in her room and she notices the lollipop that she saved is gone. The male cop, Gorman, forces the lollipop into her mouth. 

Gorman is talking about owning people. Beth asks Dr. Edwards why does he stay. He shows Beth how the city was devastated and how they decided to stay where they were. Beth mistakes the name of the medication Edwards tells her to give the new guy. He dies from the medication. Noah takes the fall for when Beth messes up and causes the guy to be killed. Dawn corners Beth in the room. She alludes to do things for the greater good. She begins to pull mind games on Beth to make her feel weak and helpless. Noah and Beth plan to work together to get out. I am sure Noah will not make it so we shall see. Beth finds the girl, Amber, that they had to cut of her arm. She killed herself in the office. Gorman finds Beth in the office. He goes all creepy rapey like. She plays along and feeds him to the new zombie. She grabs his gun. 

Beth directs Dawn to the office and grabs Noah. We hear screaming in the background. Beth and Noah plan to descend into elevator shaft. Noah falls down as a walker tried to get him from a different floor. They move in the basement among the walkers. Beth uses the gun and they make it outside. Beth starts to run while Noah shambles behind her. There are walkers and tries to shoot who she can but Noah takes off running leaving Beth behind. She gets taken down by some cops. Beth smiles as she is held down.

Dawn confronts Beth. Beth lets her know that it is wrong to let the women be attacked by the male cops and that no one is coming to save them. She let this happen. Beth gets hit again. Beth has a new scar on her head. Beth knows that Edwards purposely had her kill the other guy because he was a doctor. The other guy was an oncologist. Beth is walking with a scalpel and sees they are wheeling someone new in. They wheeled in Carol. 

My Thoughts: Worst Sister Ever Award goes to Maggie who just never gave a damn about where Beth was. I understand the concept of having filler episodes but come on. I just wanted to scream and run around as this episode dragged on. I did enjoy seeing Everybody Hate Chris. So the whole 55 minutes was of Beth nonsense. The most important moment happens at the end just like all these filler episodes. It is so annoying. I hope we do not have a lot of these episodes. Oh well I guess we just have to suck it up and watch.

What did you think of the episode?

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