Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 7 "Crossed" Recap

Sasha is working out some anger destroying pews for supplies. While the rest work to fortify the church. They are boarding up the windows. Michonne stays back at the church with Judith and Carl while the rest of the team goes to save Carol. Gabriel has a little "out cursed spot moment" and tries to clean the blood from the church floor. Sasha and Tyrese have a sibling moment in the back of the truck. Beth is at the hospital and checks in on Carol. Abraham and his crew are still at the same spot. Abraham is still sitting on his knees and staring at nothing. Eugene is not waking up. Abraham finally stands up after Rosita yells at him but then he goes back to his knees. Rick and crew make plans on how to get Carol and Beth out. The plan is to go in quiet but Tyrese is worried that it may not work out like that and suggests grabbing some guards and doing a trade. 

Carl offers to help Gabriel to defend himself while he makes with the crazy cleaning the blood stains. Beth has to step in and save Carol. Dawn provided her with the keys to the drug cabinet. Tara, Rosita, and Glen head off in search of water. Maggie stays back with Eugene and Abraham. Maggie grabs the ladder and a blanket and makes a makeshift shelter for Eugene so he is out of the sun. Maggie tells Abraham (still starring at nothing) to get over himself. Beth talks to Dr. Steven on the right type of drugs for Carol to wake her up and keep her alive. The hospital people chase down Noah who set them up to be captured by Rick's people. They effectively capture them but a car comes barreling down and takes the guards. The guards abandon the car and Daryl stays behind to take on the one guard. Daryl rips off the one zombie's head and knocks the guard with it. Rick comes back and the subdue the guard. Daryl has to talk Rick down from shooting the guard. 

The guards plead for their lives but the one guard says that the deal can work. Glen, Tara, and Rosita scavenge and are able to capture fish for them to eat. Gabriel is holed up in his room digging a hole into the ground. Beth is able to sneak the drugs into Carol. Tyrese tries to have another moment with Sasha who is not dealing with the loss of Bob well. Gabriel climbs into his hole and crawls out from under the church and steps on a nail. He hobbles off. Gabriel is walking in the woods and comes face to face with a zombie. He sees she has a cross on and cannot kill her. Sasha sits down to talk to one of the guards who's name happens to be Bob. He starts talking sadly about one of the guys that he saw as a zombie outside. He directs her to where she needs to go to shoot him. 

Maggie is able to get through to Abraham. Eugene starts to make noises and she goes to check on him. Glen, Rosita, and Tara make their way back to the truck. Sasha walks with the guard who shows her where his friend is. She lines up the shot and he knocks her out and takes off.

My Thoughts: Wow could Sasha be any more stupid? Why would you let that dude stand behind you? You should have kept him secure at all times, I do not care that his name is Bob. Also is it just me or is Rick compensating for that big gun that he is toting. Geez that canon is ridiculous. 

I tip my hat to Abraham for maintaining that yoga pose for so long and without water. That takes skill. Overall the episode was okay we know all the real action will happen next episode as it is the mid-season finale. What do you think will happen? Is Eugene alive or a zombie? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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