Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Librarians S1, Ep. 3 "And the Horns of a Dilemma" Review

The second episode saves the day. A shorter time slot to fill and deliberate attempt at explaining characters while keeping the action flowing made this episode much easier to watch. If the writers can hold this pace for most episodes I’ll be content to keep watching. This week we pair off our trainees giving opportunity for some one on one interaction style character tuning. Cassandra and Ezekiel get separated in the labyrinth from Eve and Jake while all are being stalked, hunted rather, by an oversized overpowered minotaur bent on killing them all.

We learn more about Cassandra’s condition which turns out is both curse and blessing. The tumor in her head gives her amazing abilities with mathematics and geometry. Unfortunately it will also be the end of her at some point. That is of course if our writers don’t find a way to somehow save her. I’m pretty sure they will at least for a season. With Ezekiel keeping her focused they are able to work with Jenkins (in the sub library) to find an exit. The minotaur finds time to hunt Eve and Jake at the same time as hunting the other pair even though they spend much of the show in different areas of the labyrinth. In what I find entertainingly role reversal, our tough guy/girl duo and take a more physical approach. Jake spends most of his time getting it handed to him while Eve puts her combat skills to the test.

Eventually our quartet with the help Jenkins escape the labyrinth and take it to the library and the streets. More butt kicking and genius puzzle solving fill the end of the hour as our heroes best the minotaur (morphed to human form outside the labyrinth) and his evil master with a magical ball of yarn? 

All things considered I give season one, episode three a 7 out of 10. They covered some ground in character building and still kept me watching. No doubt I’ll be watching and reviewing episode four.

Review by P.R. Faulkner


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