Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Librarians S1, Ep. 4 "Santa's Midnight Run" Review

It’s Dec. 21 and what would be better than a special Christmas episode of The Librarians? Santa Clause is having a problem this year and it’s up to the librarians to save Christmas. We take a light hearted stroll through the history and meaning of Christmas from a mythology perspective as we learn how our crew feels about this special day. Dulaque has stolen Santa’s sleigh and kidnapped Santa. The crew quickly tracks down Santa and the adventure begins in an effort to get Santa to the North Pole by midnight. Challenged along the way by the typical mishaps along with Dulaque and Santa morphing between his many incarnations.

Ezekiel gets to wear Santa’s (talisman) hat forcing him into giving and good will leading to some entertaining comedic antics and dialog. Cassandra having the Santa belief taken from her at a very young age uses her talents to aid in getting Santa on his way while being thrilled to find out he’s real. Jake gets his Christmas wish of a Christmas Eve bar room brawl when Santa morphs into Odin in Canadian pub. 

The real focus becomes Eve. Santa knows everything. Including that her name is Eve because she was born on Christmas Eve. It’s her birthday. Eve has lost the Christmas spirit long ago though and Santa puts his best magic to work trying restore that spirit. In the end it is Eve who saves Christmas and only then is her Christmas spirit and joy restored. A fun episode to celebrate the season. I thought it lacked substance yet somehow remained entertaining. 

I give ‘Santa’s Midnight Run” 5 Artifacts.

Review by P.R.Faulkner


  1. I love The Librarians.. and The Christmas episode was just a blast.. So not the typical sterotypical show! Loved that it was something different and out of the norm.. Bruce Campbell was awesome and Christian Kane brought his own magic like he does to all his projects. .. and the rest of the cast was right on point! Thanks!

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