Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NES Remix Pack Review

Game Overview: Try your hand at an onslaught of rapid-fire challenges and mash-ups of the greatest retro games from the NES™ era! Improve your scores by reattempting stages, then share your replays with other players online. Start out by completing simple challenges like collecting coins in the original Super Mario Bros. ™ game or reaching the finish line in one race of Excitebike™. Then, test your skills by taking on increasingly difficult challenges, like attempting to complete one level of the original Donkey Kong™ game with only a spotlight on your character!  Earn high scores to unlock more challenges, and experience Super Luigi Bros., the reverse-oriented version of the original Super Mario Bros. game featuring none other than Luigi™ himself! NES Remix II gives you the chance to try your hand at challenges from Super Mario Bros 3, Zelda II, and Kid Icarus among others. 

My Thoughts: This game hits all the NES nostalgia buttons. You get a chance to play the classic games you loved playing as a kid but modified. I like that there are different challenges you must complete and as you go further in the levels the harder the challenges become. Each level lets you play the classic game and you attempt to receive 3 stars for a perfect score. I was not able to unlock an additional game until I received 100 stars and then it appears I unlock a new game ever 30 stars after that. 

There were many times where I would become frustrated and just because you make it through the challenge without losing a life or being hit, you may not get those coveted 3 stars because it is also timed. Check this game out. I highly recommend it. I have the Wii U version but the game is also available on 3DS. I am sure this will be a great game to bring along when you are bored somewhere. Check the game out and share your thoughts in the comments. 

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