Friday, January 9, 2015

Resurrection S2 Ep.10 "Prophecy"

Recap: The episode starts with a man praying, then getting struck by lightening.  He has a strange marking on his back that looks like a tree.  He wanders around town looking for someone.  Jacob is missing with Margaret during the storm.  Lucille has flashbacks of when the old Jacob was missing and he died.  Henry and Fred go out looking for Jacob.  Margaret and Jacob are hiding out in a barn.  Margaret tells Jacob about her arranged marriage.  She believes the Langston family is cursed.  Jacob tells her that he wants to disappear with her.  Henry, Fred, and Agent Bellamy find Margaret and Jacob.  Agent Bellamy takes Jacob.  Margaret tells Fred and Henry that she has always hated them.  Jacob is angry about being taken away from Margaret.

Agent Bellamy tells Jenny he is her brother.  She is going to live with him now.  Jacob changes his mind about wanting to disappear.  Henry and Lucille argue about how Margaret has affected Jacob.  Lucille tells Henry to leave the house.  Fred takes Margaret away to turn her in to the government.  She tells him how she watched the factory workers disappear when she was 10 years old. The wanderer turns out to be Preacher James and he is "returned."  He tells Agent Bellamy that he died trying to save him from the flood.  He has been looking for him since he returned.  In a field with a crescent burn mark in the ground they see insects fly into the sky, then disappear.  Preacher James tells Agent Bellamy they need to heal the town.

Review: What an episode.  Margaret has caused so much trouble.  Everyone is sick of her.  She always kept the show interesting.   Lucille seems to have been upset with the way Margaret has controlled Henry's life for a long time.  Preacher James seems a little strange, but I can't wait to learn more about him.  

What's the deal with the insects?  Should Agent Bellamy trust Preacher James?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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