Thursday, January 15, 2015

Resurrection S2 Ep.11 "True Believer"

Recap: Agent Bellamy has dreams about Preacher James.  Jenny reveals  that he performed "miracles" and always had a collection plate at his church.  James starts preaching to people outside and appears to bring a woman's dead husband back as a "returned."  It is the same man that was in Agent Bellamy's dream.  Nevertheless, Agent Bellamy thinks he is a con artist trying to rip people off.  At the government facility, Margaret helps a woman against a bully.  The woman expresses her gratitude, but Margaret isn't interested in making friends.  Rachael comes back and rents a room from Elaine. 

Henry comes to Agent Bellamy in a vision, thanking him for bringing Jacob to his family.  Moments later, Agent Bellamy and Fred find that Henry has died from cardiac arrest while at a stop light.  Lucille asks James to bring Henry back.  He tells her he needs Agent Bellamy in order to do it.  James tells Fred and Agent Bellamy that one of them has to kill him so he can go where Henry is to get him back.  He already has a grave ready for his body.  Agent Bellamy refuses, but Fred shoots him and kills him.  They can't seem to find James "returned" after searching for hours.  Fred calls Margaret to break the news about Henry.  She breaks down when she thinks no one is around.  James finally comes back with Henry the next day.  James later admits to Agent Bellamy that in his previous life he was a horrible man, but he feels that he has "returned" for a reason and that the two of them are connected.  Fred sends Margaret a message about how Henry "returned."

Review: So, James can just bring people back??  I did not expect this show to take this type of turn.  I'm still not sure if this is totally a good thing though.  I would be interested in learning what is was like for Henry while he was gone.  Where did he go?  How exactly did James bring him back?  So many questions that this show leaves unanswered.  I still enjoy this show, but at the same time it's a little frustrating. I will say it keeps me guessing because it is unpredictable most of the time. 

On another note, it was quite funny how Fred did not hesitate to shoot James.  James barely got his complete thought out before Fred shot him dead. 

Who else is James going to bring back?  What's next for Agent Bellamy?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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