Thursday, January 22, 2015

Resurrection S2 Ep.12 "Steal Away"

Recap: The "returned" fall into a trance and are guided to Rachael.  James is curious about Margaret making "returned" disappear.  He also presses Henry about being estranged from her.  James convinces Agent Bellamy to try to get him into the government facility.  James tries every angle to get close to Margaret.  When James gets to the facility, he asks Margaret to tell him how to make the "returned" disappear.  In exchange, he will help her get out of there.  James gives all the "returned" in the facility poisoned communion wine.  They all die.  He does this so they can return again outside of the facility.  

Agent Bellamy is starting to piece together James' plan and he becomes concerned about Rachael's safety.  He gets Fred to hide her at Henry's house.  James believes Rachael's unborn child is the antichrist.  He wants to make Rachael disappear to prevent the baby from being born.  Margaret refuses to help.  Back at the facility, Angela predicts there will be millions of "returned" worldwide.  Jacob tells Margaret  where Rachael is.  He also tells her he can feel Rachael's baby and it's hurting him.  Margaret changes her mind about helping James.  

Review: Great episode!  What is the deal with Rachael's baby?  Why were all of the "returned" drawn to it?  James is determined to keep this baby from being born.  He did whatever he could to get close to Margaret in hopes of learning how to make "returned" disappear.  Margaret was quick to change her mind about helping him when she realized how the baby was affecting Jacob.  I can't wait to see what happens next. 

Are more "returned" coming?  Will Rachael disappear before her baby can be born?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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