Sunday, February 1, 2015

Resurrection S2 Ep.13 "Loved in Return" Season Finale

Recap: Rachael is in labor.  Preacher James locks Agent Bellamy in a closet to keep him from ruining his plans.  He manages to break free.  Margaret tries to convince Rachael to disappear.  Margaret gets kicked out of the house before she can succeed.  Preacher James shows up at the Langston home with a lot of "returned."  Everyone is battling with the idea that Rachael's baby will bring doom.  Jacob reveals that when the baby hurts, he hurts too.  Lucille takes Jacob and Jenny away from the house to protect them.  Maggie and Agent Bellamy finally kiss.  The "returned" that are outside force their way into the house.  Preacher James makes it into the house and tries to get Rachael to disappear.  He lies to her and tells her that Tom is waiting for her. Agent Bellamy tells Rachael that Preacher James actually thinks the baby is evil.  Agent Bellamy shoots Preacher James.  

Rachael's baby is born.  The television news broadcast reports that several people are returning from the dead around the world.  One year later, Agent Bellamy works for the newly formed Bureau of the Returned.  He helps the "returned" adjust to life and find their families. Fred and Henry discuss politics and equal rights for the "returned."  Agent Bellamy visits Preacher James in prison.  There have been riots in various cities following the mass return.  The Langstons have a family dinner, minus Margaret.  The flying insects gather at Rachael's baby's nursery window.

Review: Nice finale!  Again, what is the deal with Rachael's baby?  The conflict at the Langston house was explosive. Every minute I was wondering whether Rachael's baby would be born or not.  I like how the episode skipped to a year later.  It gave us a chance to see what changes had occurred.  I can't wait for season 3 to air. 

What will happen next season?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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