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The Walking Dead: S5, Ep. 10 "Them" Recap

Show starts with Maggie crying (Don't cry now for your sister! You were only worried about Glenn before!). The group is getting low on water and food and it is starting to wear on them. The team is on foot with walkers behind them. Father Gabriel tries to reach out to Maggie to offer her comfort. She gets mean and turns on him and reminds him of his faults. Carol and Daryl have a heart to heart as they scavenge for food. Rick and team make a standoff against the walkers and use a bridge as a way to get them off their path. Sasha messes up the plan and starts killing them and almost stabs Michonne and cuts Abraham. Michonne gets her to stop. (*rolls eyes* at Black women standoff, did it really have to set up like that, geez). They find an abandoned car with a female walker tied up in the trunk. Glenn takes care of it for Maggie.

Daryl comes up on a dead deer and a walker that has been shot in the head while looking through the woods. Wild dogs come up on the group. Sasha takes them out quickly with a gun. Rick grabs a stick and they eat the dogs. They are all still walking down that road. Maggie starts talking about Beth (again I have no sympathy for her as she did not show she cared for her sister before she died, do not do it now). Glenn gives the typical keep fighting speech. Daryl splinters off from the group again and finds a barn. He sits down for a smoke. He puts the cigarette out on his hand (here is where you dig deep for symbolism of that act). He breaks down crying. Daryl comes back to the group. They found a sign that says from a friend. It is a load of water. Eugene goes to take a sip but it is smacked out of his hands as it is not safe. The heaves open up and it begin to pour. The whole group is happy except Maggie, Sasha, and Daryl.They begin to collect the water but hear thunder and lightening and make their way to the barn that Daryl found. They find shelter in the barn. Rick gives his thoughts on adults versus kids growing up in this world. They all chime in. Rick talks about being the ones to survive and how they are the Walking Dead. (deep my brother *snaps fingers*).

Daryl is on night duty. He notices a large group of walkers outside the barn. He and Maggie try to hold the door closed. Sasha ruses to help. Finally the whole group is galvanized to help. Carl puts the baby down to help. The next day, Maggie wakes up and finds herself looking into the eyes of Judith. Maggie sees that Daryl is awake also. Daryl says how both Tyreese and Beth were tough. Maggie goes over to wake up Sasha. They go outside and see that mother nature came down and killed the walkers. There are fallen trees everywhere.  Maggie takes Sasha to watch the sunrise. They have a heart to heart about "making it" and how it is hard to do. Maggie pulls out the music box Carl gave her and Daryl apparently fixed but it does not work when she opens it. A random guy comes up to them and they pull their guns. He says he is a friend. He says his name is Aaron and he wants to speak with Rick. Out of nowhere the music box starts working.

My thoughts: There were a lot of hear to hearts in this episode. It was slow paced and like these type of episodes tend to do the most important moment happens in the last 2 minutes. We get to meet Aaron for the first time. Comic book readers I am sure are excited as we know where this is heading. There were times where I wanted to smack both Maggie and Sasha but oh well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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