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The Walking Dead S5, ep. 11 "The Distance" Recap

Maggie and Sasha return to the barn and they have Aaron in tow. He wants them to audition for membership to his camp. Rick and group are skeptical about what Aaron has to offer. He offers safety and shows pictures of how the walls are reinforced. Rick knocks Aaron out while he is talking. Michonne and Rick shared a look and she fusses out him that it was he is an "okay guy look". (this moment made me giggled). Aaron wakes up and is now tied up. Rick asks him how many of his people are out there. Aaron admits to providing the water and watching them for quite some time. He notes they are survivors and do not turn on each other. Aaron finally admits that only one other person is out there. Michonne tells Rick they need to find out if it is for real. They plan to investigate.

Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Rosita, and Abraham go to investigate where Aaron claims his partner is. Judith is crying and Aaron says to take the applesauce out of his bag. Rick forces him to eat the applesauce first. Group A show up and see the cars from Aaron's partner. There's a car and Winnebago. Rick and group claims the food. Michonne says they need what Aaron is offering and they are all going. Aaron refuses to tell them where the camp is and they plan to take an alternate route there. Michonne questions whether or not Rick truly meant it when he said they are going to the camp. Rick reminds Michonne of Woodbury and Terminus and how they were quiet when they first arrived there, he doubts there is any good safe place. Aaron, Michonne, Rick, and Glenn are all in the car riding to the camp. Michonne looks at the pictures and asks him the questions once they realize that the pictures did not have any people in them. As they drive they run into a horde of zombies and the car gets covered in blood. They stop and notice they are separated from the group. The car will not start. They see a flare and Aaron says it is over and to let him out. He takes off running. They chase after him into the woods with the horde of zombies around them. Glenn gets separated from the group. Glenn comes across Aaron who has a walker after him. He saves him and Aaron says they can make it together.

Rick and Michonne are surrounded by walkers and worried about Glenn. Glenn and Aaron show up to save them. Rick threatens Aaron if this turns out to be a trap. The group gets reunited. Aaron is looking for Eric (partner). Aaron is upset to see that Eric has a broken ankle and kisses him. Aaron and Eric have a great moment reuniting. Rick walks in and Eric greets him warmly. Aaron says the debt will be paid when they get to Alexandria. Rick wants to keep Eric and Aaron separate but Aaron says he will have to be killed to keep them separate. Glenn reasons with Rick to let them be together. They are on the road in the morning. Aaron tells Noah that they have a doctor that may be able to help with his limp. Abraham notices the battery is low in the car and says he believes they will make it. Of coarse the battery dies. Glenn points out that they just need another battery and points out where one is. (Awe, Dale and his camper!) They arrive to Alexandria and they hear kids playing. They are happy and finally believe they will be safe.

My Thoughts: I like that they did not immediately believed Aaron. Rick was cautious while Michonne was open to the idea that there may be other good people like them out there. I enjoyed watching Michonne take her place as Rick's right hand. It is a shame that they destroyed Andrea's character as she is supposed to be his left. I guess you cannot have too many strong female characters. I look forward to seeing how Alexandria plays out for the group. They are catching up quickly to the comics, I wonder where it will go in the end. 

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