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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 9 "What Happened and What's Going On" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with everyone dealing with the aftermath of Beth's death. There is a funeral. The group plans to go to Richmond in hopes that there is somewhere safe there. Tyrese and Noah have a great conversation as they are on the road. In the car is Michonne, Rick, Glen, Tyrese and Noah. Glen is being extra creepy in the back looking at himself in a CD that he breaks. Noah leads them to where he hopes to find the rest of his family. Tyler finds that the place has been torched walkers are in the town. He breaks down crying.  Tyrese tries to comfort Noah but he takes off running. He ends up in front of the house where his mother and brothers should be. Tyrese says he will go first. He finds the family. One of the brothers sneaks up on Tyrese and bites him on the arm. Noah runs for help. As Tyrese is bleeding out, he begins to hallucinate. His subconscious makes him see past dead characters like Bob, the girls, and the Governor. A zombie gets in the house and he uses his arm to distract the zombie and takes another bite in order to kill it. 

Michonne believes that DC might be a chance for them to get somewhere safe. Rick agrees that they should go to Washington. Noah is yelling for help. Michonne, Rick, and Glen show up to help. They all collectively run to help Tyrese. Tyrese sees Beth who is singing. Everyone is telling him it is okay to die basically. Tyrese says he is not gong to give up. He sees the girls holding his arm out. In reality it is Rick and Glen has his shoulder while Michonne swings her blade and cuts off his arm. As the group makes a run for it with Tyrese missing an arm. The group is carrying Tyrese who is bleeding out. Tyrese sees the girls, Beth, and Bob in the car who tell him it is better now and it is alright. They stop the car when they realize that Tyrese died in the car. The funeral we saw at the beginning of the show was actually for Tyrese. 

My Thoughts:
This episode is too over the top. They try to have all these flashbacks and different camera tricks. The cinematography gets to be too heavy handed. While Tyrese's acting is good, they have him being too overly emotional for my tastes. Really! Tyrese is bitten in such a foolish way. I almost want to jump through the television and smack him. I had a feeling that they were going to cut off the arm. In the comics it is Rick that loses his hand. The same as it is Dale that loses his leg and not Hershell. I understand the show does not need to be exactly like the comics. However Rick missing a limb but still being a leader was always interesting to see. In the end Tyrese dies. Say what! He dies like that! In the comics he is the one that gets his head chopped off. I just wish that such a strong character wasn't watered down so much for television. 

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