Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who should be the next Spider Man?

MCU Spider-Man
With Tobey Maguire’s finished cinematic trilogy and the end of Andy Garfield’s reboot, who will replace Peter Parker?  Fan picks and rumors are all abuzz as Captain America: Civil Wars is slated for theatric release in May of 2016.

First Round Draft Picks for Peter Parker
Dylan O’Brien
The 23 year old Teen Wolf- Alumn (Patiently waiting for Season 5) makes a convincing argument by playing Stiles alone. Paired with his starring role in Maze Runner and its sequel Maze Runner:Scorch Trials, we know he is ready to expand on the big screen.

Logan Lerman
The next 23 year old on our list has an expanding move career but is best known for his titular role in the Percy Jackson films, which you either hate or love. Who wouldn’t love to see him trade in his demi-god power of commanding the sea for commanding web-shooters?

With the push for diversity in the cinema world especially after a lack luster of “equal opportunity” nominees  at the 2015 Oscars, it would stand to reason that Miles Morales (fan favorite I might add) may also be a candidate to be in the running for Marvel’s Next Top Super-Hero in Captain America: Civil War.
For those of you not privy to the Miles Morales/ Spider-Man, here is a quick overview: An Oscorp scientist uses a deceased Peter Parker’s( who died instead of Gwen Stacy in this universe) DNA to recreate the formula that created Spider-Man. The formula is stolen, a spider escapes and bites Miles Morales (please don’t try this at home) and instant new Spider-Man. (really a spider boy but you get the picture)
Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is an actor, rapper, writer, comedian and producer. All of that talent makes for a powerful debut of Mile Morales.  

Marcus Scribner currently starring in Black-ish represents what depth an unknown actor can bring to the table. (stranger things have happened)
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-Mack Nichols


  1. wow ... over before it began ... i don´t think Hollywood is ready for a black spider man. they should focus on making a good movie before getting a good actor. this last guy wasn´t half bad, but the movies sucked big time.

  2. Hi Anonymous, You never know, Mile Morales has a great comic fan base. The Human Torch will be flaming on with Actor Michael B. Jordan in the upcoming fantastic movie which has never been attempted in other media. Samuel Jackson plays Nick Fury who has traditionally been white in other media, so there is room for diversity. It would be cool if DC would follow suit with bringing the green lantern, John Stewart to the Big Screen to make up for their first attempt which I own on 3D Blu-Ray due to the shortage of 3D movies for home viewing pleasure. Only time will tell don't count Miles out just yet. Thanks for your comment : )