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iZombie S1, Ep. 1 "Pilot" Recap

Episode starts with us seeing Liz being a resident doctor. She had a fiancĂ© and was about to be married. She is invited to a party and ends up on a boat that has a fire break out and everyone starts attacking each other (zombie style). She finds herself waking up in a body bag. We note that part of her hair is now blonde. We see present day Liv with now all white hair and blue eyes when she previously was brown/brown. (Sometimes her eyes are blue, sometimes they are brown in the comics her eyes are blue) She comes home and her family and friends are doing an intervention since she broke off her engagement and traded her residency for a job at the morgue. We get great rapport between her and her boss, Ravi. She uses the morgue job to eat brains. Her boss shows back up and she is caught red handed eating brains, ramen, and hot sauce. 

Ravi is examining her. He has suspected for a long time that she was a zombie. She was the only survivor from the boat massacre that became a zombie. He asks if she used any drugs while on the boat such as a new one called Utopia. Apparently that is what caused the "zombie outbreak". She was heavily scratched. Liv notes that if she does not eat brains she will become dumber and angrier. As a cop comes in asking about the girl that Liv just ate the brain, she actually remembers part of her life. Ravi covers for Liv when she is asked how did she know about the girl's part saying that she is psychic. While at a function for her mother she relives more of the Jane Doe's life in which she believes the girl was killed by the famous news anchor. Ravi urges her to report what she saw to the police. Clive the detective refuses to let Liv just walk away and requests for her to come with him to interview the Weather Man from Ch. 11. 

They interview Mr. Frost and show him the picture of the girl that he killed. He claims that he did not kill her. Liv quotes something that Mr. Frost said to Tatiana. He claims he did not kill her but that he did role playing scenes with her. Mr. Frost fills them in that Tatiana was an escort. Detective Clive comes to the morgue and wants to drag her along to help with the investigation. He wants Liv to meet with Tatianna's friend Tess. Tess tries to speak Romanian to act like she cannot understand English but Liv is able to translate. Clive informs Tess that Tatiana is dead, she becomes upset claiming she knows anything and closes the door. They are at least able to get her full name and then show up to her apartment which is very posh. 

Turns out Tatiana is a thief. Liv picks up kleptomania and the ability to speak Romanian since she ate the brains. While in the apartment she sees Tatiana's death. A man held her by her feet over the balcony asking for his ring back. He dropped her and she died. Liv and Clive turn back up to Tess's but she took off. They try to track down a third friend of Tess's and Tatiana's. Ravi has no problem with Liv helping with the investigation. Ravi has been experimenting on Liv's blood. He wants to figure out how to cure it. She is happy and surprised that he is doing that for her. Liv is now filled with some hope and goes to see her ex-fiance, Major. She shows up to his place and sees him playing a zombie killing game with another girl through the window. She just walks away. 

Clive's boss tries to give the case away but he pleads that he is making some headway and to let him follow up. He lets him stay on the case but gives him a partner. Liv's rommate lets her know that she has not given up on her. Clive realizes that the cop that assigned to the case, Pratt is the one that killed Tatiana. Clive and Liv show up to the house and Monica and Tess are tied up and he is threatenig them. Monica pawned the ring. It is Pratt's wedding ring. Pratt begins taking shots as Clive makes his way to the house. Pratt flees upstaits. Clive follows him upstairs. Liv sees Pratt get outside and get into his car. Clive watches as Liv is shot and pulled from the car. By the time Clive gets outside her body is gone, she is now on the top of the car and punches out the windshield and causes Pratt to die. Liv goes full on zombie with creepy red ringed eyes. She comes back to herself with Clive catches up to her. Liv comes up with lame cover story. Ravi is pulling out the bullet that was on her chest. Ravi tells her how great she did and provides her with fresh brains. They go back to work. She is dressed up as a zombie for her mother's charity function for children. She finally falls asleep and sees another zombie chasing someone down as he is about to attack the guy she wakes up. It is the man on the boat that first tried to get her to try Utopia. 

My thoughts: We get the voice over with Liv's thoughts through out the episode. Full on Wonder Years happens throughout the show. Luckily the voice overs are not too annoying. In the beginning it was a bit too heavy handed but by the middle it calmed down and I was able to get into the flow of the show. I enjoyed seeing Ravi determined to figure out why Liv is a zombie and how to cure the disease. Overall it was a good start to the show. I look forward to seeing where they take the episode and if the show will make it to a second season. Looks like we shall wait and see how it turns out. 

What did you think about the show?

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  1. I hate to say it but I wasn't impress by this show. It came across cheesy and cliché on my end but maybe as the season progress I can be won over.