Thursday, March 5, 2015

Teen-Wolf Season 5

Greetings Wolf Pack
Teen-Wolf Season 5 is almost upon us with a June 2015  premiere date in sight. Some of you maybe disappointed by not getting your winter teen-wolf fix. I was until  I was made aware the possible reason why. I regret to inform the wolf pack about the passing of Tyler Posey's mother. Various media outlets have reported that Cyndi Posey lost her battle with Breast Cancer. Our hearts and well wishes from FangirlReview go out to Tyler and his family during this difficult time. We applaud Tyler for having the strength to return to work and to continue entertaining his fans.

This season leads us on the quest to uncover who is The Desert Wolf, which is Malia's biological mother and Braeden's mortal enemy which should prove to be very interesting. Let's not forget what manner of beast is Deputy Jordan Parrish? Inquiring minds like the Wolf Pack are waiting to find out. His name was on the dead pool list and he survived being burnt alive without a scratch so maybe he is a Phoenix or  a Dragon??? Also what's in store for Derek Hale now that he has the ability to  transform into a full wolf. New wolf.( Jeff Davis has confirmed he will not be a Season 5 regular)  Liam ( aka young Clark Kent in Man of Steel) gets upgraded to full cast member this season. Lydia (Banshee) and Kira(Fox) are bound to expand their abilities. Hopefully styles will remain human in this supernatural soap opera. Argent is still hunting Kate his were-panther sister with the bad-a** hunter Araya Calavera ( The bible toting grandmother from Jane The Virgin -Don't just love the depth of these characters) We also see a new were-wolf by the name of Theo drifting into the fold with a mysterious past. ( we love uncovering mysterious past) Scott will return with his pack for the season 5 premiere episode entitled "Creatures of the Night" I am sure the diabolical Jeff Davis will keep the wolf pack howling at the moon this season with his cinematic productions and plot twist.
IMBD reports Creatures of the Night/ Everyone is shocked after the return of an old face.
Could this be the return of Allison, Jackson (currently starring on Arrow) or Isaac (currently staring on The Originals)? Allison did appear with the cast on the Paley Fest LA panel. Jeff  did mention he was tired of his cast be stolen by The CW!!! 
 Some outlets have reported that the premiere date will be 6.29.15

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Looking for a safe place to hide before the next full moon,
- Mack Nichols

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