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The 100 S2, Ep. 16 "Blood Must Have Blood pt 2" Season Finale

Important Moments: Murphy and Jaha come upon land but they were attacked by something and lose one of the member of their crew. The other guy freaks out so Jaha feeds him to what looks like a mutated huge eel. Murphy begins to yell why he did that and Jaha responds so they can live. (Wow, they are coming out the door swinging). Octavia is still in the tunnels and waiting for her chance to get into the mountain. She comes upon Clarke. Clarke fills her in on what happened on the outside. Bellamy opens the door and they realize they do not have a plan. They all enter the mountain to help Maya. Lincoln is tied up. Indra talks to him and reminds him that he cannot come back if he goes after Octavia. She gives him the chance to set himself free and provides him with a weapon. Mountain people have all the Ark kids are tied up and being harvested. (You can take bone marrow without killing people. I am confused why they are killing them.) They moved to harvest Raven and she fights valiantly but ends up strapped to the table. Bellamy and Clarke move to talk to the former president of the mountain. They drag Wallace to the command center. Murphy refuses to follow Jaha any longer. They are on land and see the drone. Jaha leaves and injured Murphy on the beach.

Octavia, Jasper, and Maya are back on level 5. They plan to kill Cage. Monty is able to hack the command center and they see that Raven is being harvested. Clarke also sees her mother. She lets Cage know that she has his father and will kill him. Clarke shoots him and he dies. She lets Cage know that she will not stop until he lets her people go. She promises to radiate level 5. Cage commands Emerson to kill them all. Cage demands for Raven to be taken off the table and to put Abby on the table. Marcus yells that they can donate it, no one has to die but Cage refuses. Jasper plans to go in and get close to Cage in order to kill him. Murphy wakes up and it is now morning. He notices more solar panels. He climbs a hill and sees a door that he is abel to pry open. There is music being played. He walks into a pretty sweet looking apartment. That is powered by solar panels and filled with MREs. He is pretty happy. Octavia is spotted. She goes on a killing spree. Monty does the hack and they can now radiate the whole level. Bellamy and Clarke pull the level together effectively killing all the mountain people. Jasper has his knife but the radiation is kicking in. Jasper flees to find Maya. She is being held by Octavia. Maya says none of them are innocent as she dies in Jasper's arms. The Mountain Men are dead and Clarke says lets go get our people. 

Octavia shows up and releases everyone. Clarke walks into the dining room to see the carnage she unleashed. Jasper asks why but Bellamy points out they never would have stopped. Clarke reunites with her mother. She says how she tried to be the good guy but Abby points out that maybe there are no good guys. Cage is out in the forest by himself and out comes Lincoln. He is taken down by the tone but he chops of Cage's hand and injects him with the serum. Cage dies. All the Ark people are reunited. They took out the whole mountain men. Clarke tells Bellamy to have a drink for her. She says she is not going in to the camp. Bellamy says she is forgiven but refuses to go in. She cannot face them and recognizing what she did. Clarke says she does not know where she will go. Clarke heads back for the forest. Murphy places a video of the guy who used to live there. He talks about a woman and how she did the launch codes. He apologizes and shoots himself. Jaha who is still following the drone comes up to a huge mansion with many drones circling it. A woman greets him with the name Ellie. She knows his name. She is actually a projection. She tells him to follow her and how he was meant to come there. She realizes when she received his gift. The escape pod he used actually housed the last atomic bomb. Ellie says thank you for bringing it down for her. 

My Thoughts: Wow they went there. They wiped out the whole mountain people. Clarke continually has to make these decisions to wipe out a large group of people. When are the adults going to step up already. It is such a such a shame that she has to make these horrible decisions. Plus Jaha brought back to earth what it was the wiped out the planet to begin with. There is also the fact that Murphy saw the video of the guy. I wonder if he was there for the beginning of the wipe out and the launch of the nukes. I look forward to season 3 and what it has to offer. I think the Ark people should move into the Mountain. That would be the smartest thing. What do you think should happen next?

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