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The Flash S1, Ep. 16 "Rogue Time" recap

Show starts with Barry coming to a stop and being confused. He is reliving the prior day. He does his morgue trip and talks to the team and repeats everything they say. Dr. Wells immediately knows what is going on and warns Barry not to mess with time. He advises him to do everything that he did previously. Dr. Wells checks to make sure that the future is not screwed up due to this time leap. Barry gets flashbacks to some of the catastrophic things that happened previously. Barry shows up and takes out Mardon right away and Dr. Wells points out that he messed with the timeline. Captain Cold (Snart) and Heat Wave (Mark Rory) are back in town. Cisco shows up to his brother Dante's birthday with Caitlin. Joe tries to confront Barry about Mardon but he takes off. We see more interaction with Cisco and his brother he throws more shade than a palm tree. Linda and Barry sit down to talk. They end up breaking up. Barry asks to talk to Iris after getting dumped. He asks Iris if she can meet for coffee the next day. (wow you just broke up with your girlfriend, he is so overconfident about Iris) Cisco and Barry meet for a drink. A blonde walks up them and offers to buy Cisco a drink. (horribly fake blonde wig) Cisco falls so easily for the con it is sad. She takes him back to a house and she turns out to be sister (Lisa Snart) of Captain Cold (Leonard Snart). They have kidnapped his brother and plan to make Cisco make the weapons they desire.

Cisco is constructing new guns as requested. Diego is a jerk to Cisco while he tries to save their life. Lisa requests her own gun and that has gold. Barry meets with Iris for coffee. Iris says she does not feel different for Barry and walks out. Barry feels horrible. Joe calls Barry letting him know that Snart is back. Lisa's gun encases people in gold while they confront a mob family in a casino. Barry grabs Lisa but Snart informs Barry that he has Cisco and will kill him. The Snart family walks away. Eddie comes to the casino and punches Barry while he is talking to Joe. He is disgusted with him for coming onto Iris. Dr. Wells finally listens to Barry with what was going to happen. Dr. Wells says it is dangerous to travel back in time as you can disrupt many things if you travel back years, decades, or centuries (hint, hint). Dante and Cisco have a heart to heart. Dante admits to being jealous of Cisco. His brother says he never fought for anything in his life and confronts Mark and they both end up being beaten up. Cold shows up and ask Cisco who is the Flash. Cold freezes Dante's hands and demands who is the flash.

Cisco shows up to the lab. He says his brother was tortured and that he had to reveal Barry's secret. Cisco says he is sorry but Barry forgives him right away. Cisco says he is leaving and refuses to put them in jeaoparty again. Joe shows up to see Iris. He asks Iris who does she love. She says she loves Eddie but her dad says she needs to make it clearer. Cisco is packing up his stuff. Wells says he wants to show Cisco something. They talk about making hard choices. This time around in the same exact spot Wells is championing Cisco on. Even mentions that Cisco is like a son but this time Wells does not kill Cisco. Snart is after the money from teh casino which has now on the move. Snart and company attack the truck but Barry shows up. He grabs Cold while Heat Wave and Lisa lose the truck. Barry takes off his mask. He says that the theft needs to end. Cold refuses to leave and says he will reveal Barry's identity. Barry says no one else needs to die and that if anyone goes near his friends or family that he will end Cold. They make an alliance. Barry shows up to the coffee place. Caitlyn told Iris and Eddie that he has lightening psychosis and that is why he has been acting different. Eddie hugs him and forgives him. Reverse Flash shows up and attacks Mason Bridge. He kills him, destroys his work, and takes the body. Barry now has questions once he sees the missing person's news report. Barry meets with Joe. Barry says that he thinks Joe may be right about Dr. Wells.

My Thoughts: It is a shame to see everything that was done to be undone so quickly and easily. We all got a glimpse off that timeline but now we are on a different path. While all the reveals we previously had have been unraveled but at least Barry now has questions about Wells. I will be happy when more people know how evil Wells is but I guess we have to sit and wait. Cisco is now on another path as well. What do you hope to see happen next?

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