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The Vampire Diaries S6, Ep. 16 "The Downward Spiral" Recap

Caroline is at the bar and hitting on the bartender. Liam shows up to talk to Caroline. Caroline hits on him and drags him outside and feeds on him aggressively. Stefan is in Caroline's house that is empty. Bonnie shows to reunite with Elena at the dorm. Damon digs up his mother's grave. Damon refuses to believe his mother is anything but human. Kai shows up questioning his denial. The coffin is open and it is empty. Enzo shows up to talk to Sarah who is in the local bar. Bonnie is back in the dorm and happy to be in the real world with the real stuff. Elena is surprised to hear that Bonnie hasn't called Jeremy. Caroline shows up to the dorm. She went shopping and is happy. Caroline recalls her time with Liam. She gets annoyed by him and decides not to kill him. She threatens them if they try to mess with her humanity switch. Damon wants to work with Kai to bring back his mother. Kai wants to meet with Bonnie now that she is back. Enzo is acting like a douche to Sarah. Enzo tells Sarah that he is a vampire. Sarah knows what a vampire is and is not surprised. Caroline shows up ruining the party. Caroline calls Enzo out for not being at the funeral but she doesn't really care. Stefan stops by the hospital to talk to Liam who does not remember being snacked on. 

Bonnie and Elena go to a rave to try to find Caroline. Elena sees Caroline who is having fun. Caroline mouths she is fine. A guy asks Bonnie to dance. .He gets grabby and she burns his hand. Elena talks to Stefan. She thinks that maybe Caroline has it under control. Stefan thinks that it is all his fault that Caroline flipped the switch. He recruits Elena to help. Stefan shows up to Caroline offering a shot. Damon calls Bonnie trying to get Bonnie to talk to Kai. She refuses. Kai lets Damon know `that there may be an ascendant. Kai also tells Damon to make Bonnie change her mind or he will not help to free his mother. Caroline flirts with Stefan and says he is at least a hot babysitter. Stefan is determined to tell her how he really feels. Caroline wants him to stop but then she laughs at him; she gets mad at him and tells him to leave her alone. Stefan begs for her to come back. She almost falls but tells him he shouldn't have done that. Caroline runs into Liam at the party and is a jerk to him. Enzo runs into Caroline outside the party. Caroline gives him advice on what to do about Sarah. Caroline distracts him and steals his phone and scrolls to Sarah's number. Elena warns Stefan that they should not have done that. Caroline warned them that she would retailate if they try to mess with her humanity switch. Damon shows up to the party and brings Kai to meet with Bonnie. Bonnie flashes back to the stuff Kai did to her. She says she will hurt him if she sees him again. Stefan realizes that he is Caroline's trigger and can get her back. Caroline calls Stefan from Enzo's phone saying she is going to kill Sarah. She lured Sarah to the bar. (We get a great shadow outline of Caroline. She is very evil queen in that moment)

Back at the boarding house. Bonnie is mad at Damon for making her deal with Kai. She makes him feel the pain and makes him bleed. She starts to cry. She yells at him to get out. Stefan and Elena show up to the bar. Caroline has compelled Liam to do surgery on Sarah which will kill her. She is calmly making margaritas. Stefan begs for Carline to not kill Sarah. Caroline says Stefan can affect her so she wants him to shut his humanity switch off in order to save Sarah. Stefan says it is not going to happen. Caroline instructs Lia to cut out Sarah's heart. Caroline and Stefan fight. She stabs him in the back. Kai shows up and tealls him about there being only 2 prison worlds. The one with his mom was because she was a ripper. She turned in 1858 and faked her death. Kai lets him know that she killed 3,000. Damon is upset to hear that his mother was like that. Damon falls down. Bonnie finally calls Jeremy. Bonnie says she has changed and she needs to figure herself and then she will go to visit him. Elena is at the hospital and trying to find Liam. Caroline tells Liam to kill Sarah. Caroline grabs Stefan's phone. Elena cannot find them. Stefan tells Elena to bring him back over the phone. Stefan shut off his humanity switch and Caroline is happy. Elena finally finds them and feeds Sarah her blood. She breaks Liam's wrists to stop him. Elena calls Stefan to tell him she saved Sarah. He is having a margarita with Caroline and does not care. (We now have the two of them running rampant)

My Thoughts: I love this Caroline. She is so fun. She does what she wants and only attacks when being attacked. She told them not to mess with her and they did it anyway. Stefan now has his humanity switch off and those two together will cause a lot of havoc. Poor Damon finds out that his mother was a ripper. At least we know that Stefan got it honestly. I like that Kai has enough scrupples to refuse to free Damon's mother. Hopefully Damon can heal his friendship with Bonnie while keeping his brother from becoming a ripper again. 

What do you hope happens next week?

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