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The Walking Dead s5, ep. 12 "Remember" Recap

The group walks up to the gate. Daryl shoots a possum as they are all on edge and states "they brought dinner." They walk into the camp and the gate shuts behind them (Extra creepy like). Rick is carrying Baby Judith. (why haven't they made a sling or carrier for that kid yet? Geez). Rick and group refuses to give up their guns and Aaron says it is okay and to let them keep their weapons for now. Rick meets with Deanna Monroe who is in charge of the town. She films the interview. Alexadnria is a sustainable town, walls, solar panel grids, etc. Rick tells Deanna to keep the walls closed because people out there are looking to take over a place like this. Rick freely admits to killing people for his family to survive. 

The group turns over their guns. The group is given two houses to live in. There's running water and Rick takes a shower. The beard comes off!!! (You were right Dan!) A woman is at the door and Rick answers the door with no shirt on. Her name is Jessie. She brought over some supplies. She offers to cut his hair. Daryl meets with Deanna. He is all squirrely and still carrying around the possum. They all decide to stay in the same house. Carl is in the other house by himself when he hears something upstairs and he goes to investigate. He finds an attic with a comic book and looks like someone was squatting in there. Michonne points out that she has never seen Rick's face without the beard. Michonne says she has a good feeling about this place. Deanna stops by and sees that everyone is still together. Everyone is going to have a job. She has plans for Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Sasha. 

Rick has problems sleeping the first night and gets up and grabs a knife from the kitchen. Deanna films her discussion with Michonne who says that they are ready for a place like this. Rick and group explore the town. Daryl refuses to go. Rick realizes that he lost the group and freaks out. He finds them with a pair of grandparents. Carl meets some of the local kids. Carl is having issues with hanging out with the other kids. Video of Carl talking with Deanna. He mentions that he didn't just lose his Mom but that he had to kill her. Carl talks to Rick that he likes the place but the people are weak and he doesn't want to become weak too. Rick again cannot sleep at night, Michonne wakes up and talks to Rick. She says she wants a job. 

Rick goes for a walk. He meets Jessie's husband who is sitting on the porch and being all douche like. Carol does her interview with Deanna. She talks positively about her deceased husband and how the group protected her (Raise your hand if you think Carol has a touch of psychopath to her). She wants to be involved in the community. Carol's job is to cook for the neighbors. Carol plans to play the role and threatens to hose Daryl down in his sleep. Glenn does his interview and says they need to make it work as they were almost out there too long. Rick heads outside the gates. Carl notices the girl he met the other day climbing the wall and takes off. Glenn, Tara, and Noah meet with two guys. They are on the group for doing supply runs. Carl follows the girl but loses her. Rick notices a couple of zombies and goes to scout where he left a gun but it is gone. Carl meets up with Rick and they take on the zombies together.

Glenn has a problem with Aiden. Aiden takes a swing and Glenn puts him down. Deanna shows up to calm things down and she turns to Rick and she wants him to be a constable of the town as well as Michonne. They both agree. Daryl walks away. Rick is dressed in blues ready to be a cop of the town. Rick talks to Carol and Daryl and tells them that they can start to sleep in their own rooms. Rick says they will not become weak. They are beyond that ability. Rick says they will make it work and if that doesn't work they will take the place. 

My Thoughts: Finally an episode I like. An episode does not have to filled with action but it has to make sense and flow well. I enjoyed the interviews on camera and seeing how they act and perceive themselves. I enjoyed watching Carol playing a role of a weak house wife. She plans to be a part of the community very quickly. Having Rick and Michonne as the police of the town will be interesting. I look forward to seeing them take over running the place since we all know that is what will happen. 

What did you think of the episode?

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