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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 14 "Spend" Recap

Episode starts with Father Gabriel at the makeshift church. He begins to tear pages out of the bible. He has a break down and looks up to God for what I am assuming  is guidance. Noah meets with an older gentleman. He expresses concerns about making sure that the walls and houses are strong. How to build new buildings. He is given a book to write down everything and record everything about building things. Later Noah offers Eugene a gun. Eugene does not want to go on the run but they force him. Tara and Glenn are going as well. Tara and Eugene are out on the run. Eugene says he is not combat ready. They are scouting through the warehouse. Glenn says there are walkers inside but they are stuck somewhere. There is a huge gate with a bunch a zombies behind it. There is a zombie with armor. Aiden keeps shooting it even though Glenn tells him to stop but it is too late as he hits a grenade. Everyone wakes up from the aftermath of the zombie. Glenn realizes the zombies are free. Tara is knocked out and Eugene is trapped. Noah and Glenn help him as two zombies approach. (More blood on the screen splatter). 

Carol hears something and she realizes it is Sammy wanting cookies. She tells him that if he wants cookies he must steal the chocolate. Also to steal some for her as well. Glenn and team realize that Aiden is still alive so they try to save him while Tara is bleeding from her head wound. Abraham is out on work duty getting steel for the walls. We see some birds fly overhead (omen anyone?) Abraham does some deep breathing and then hears gun shots. A lot of zombies come out. Abraham finds himself surrounded but he enjoys the fight. Abraham begins using melee weapons to take out the zombies. He actually motivates the others to come help. Drunk Pete stops by saying thank you to Rick for helping with his wife. Pete says for Rick to bring his kids by. He mentions that Rick lost a wife and that they lost things too. Pete leaves and Rick realizes that he is still wearing his wedding ring. 

Eugene states that he is a coward and he takes no responsibility for Tara. He then carries Tara out fireman style while taking out walkers he faces. The other Alexandria guy left and Aiden admits to leaving the others behind. Glenn and Noah have no choice they cannot help him so he is eaten by the walkers in a gruesome way. (they could have at least shot him in the head instead of leaving him to be eaten alive) Abraham takes over the crew after they kill all the walkers and start to get back to work on the walls. The leader of the crew says that Abraham should be the leader. He is the better choice. Deanna says it is settled and that she will make it official. Maggie points out that their group is needed for the future of the community. Sammy shows back up to Carol's with the stolen chocolate. (she is so mean and abusive to this kid, but at a certain point it is just funny because he does not react to it all) Sam admits to breaking the owl statue. Carol says she stole the gun because sometimes you need to protect yourself. He asks for a gun. He says it is not for him, when Carol asks who is it for he runs off without answering. 

Glenn and Noah are trapped with the other Alexandria guy, Nicholas. Eugene shows up in the van and draws off the walkers. Nicholas doesn't care and screws Glenn and Noah. He gets free and Noah is torn apart in front of Glenn. The gore is on a whole other level! Glenn is stuck and forced to watch. (I think he should kill Nicholas straight out) Nicholas runs out to the van and says that it is time to leave. Eugene asks where everyone else is. Glenn runs up and knocks out Nicholas. Eugene asks the sad question of where is Noah. Carol shows up to Jessie and Pete's house. Carol asks how Sam is and where is Jessie. Carol is able to identify immediately what is going on. Eugene and Glenn are in the van on the way back. Eugene notices Noah's book that says "this is the beginning". Gabriel comes to speak to Deanna. He says the community is a paradise and that she made a mistake letting in the others. Maggie overhears Gabriel saying that they are not good people. Gabriel says that Deanna is wrong they are dangerous. He says the day will come that they will put their own lives first. Carol admits to Rick that Jessie and Sam are being beaten by Pete. Carol says she knows how this will go with Pete and that Rick will have to kill him. 

My Thoughts: This was a properly bloody episode that we have been hoping for. They literally ripped apart Noah as well as Aiden. Frankly Glenn should have killed Nicholas and let him be eaten by the zombies. Aiden and Nicholas were just playing at being able to handle outside the walls but in reality they were the true cowards. When the chips were down Eugene stepped up to the plate and proved to everyone that he is not the coward. 

How did you enjoy the gore?

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