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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 16 "Conquer" recap

Show starts with Deanna in morning. She plays the run mix that her son, Aiden, had for when he went on runs. We watch Carol as she makes a tuna casserole and she is visited by Sammy. Sasha is in the watch tower ready to take out any walkers but she is having problems focusing. Carol delivers the casserole to Deanna but Deanna just leaves it on the porch and burns the condolence letter. Daryl is out in the woods with Aaron and they spot a light in the distance and note that someone is out there with them. Nicholas tells his story of what happened and blames it on the others. Deanna grounds both Nicholas and Glenn. Rick tells Glenn that we do not answer to their rules but Glenn says they have to make it work. Rick and Carol discuss Pete. Sammy has a bolt inside his closet where he can stay hidden. Carol is pushing Rick hard to handle the Pete situation.

Pete comes up to Rick to speak to him and ask if he is okay. Rick gives him the crazy look and tells him to keep walking. Michonne takes stock of her uniform. Rosita visits Michonne and says Tara is stable. She warns Michonne that Sasha stayed the night in the tower and has not been seen since. Rosita and Michonne go out to look for her in the woods. (badass chick unite) Michonne leaves her uniform behind. They have a heart to heart about being safe and moving on from the horrors of being on the road. Deanna is out at the grave of her son. Rick shows up and gives his condolences. Rick mentions that problem with Pete. Rick suggests that they separate them. Deanna asks what happens if he does not comply. Deana refuses to allow for Pete's execution. Deanna says they do not do that they just exile people. Rosita and Michonne come across dead walkers. They are all shot in the back of the head and Michonne notes that Sasha is hunting them. Carl is out in the woods with emo-girl. She takes off into the woods and Carl is running with her.

 Glenn talks to Nicholas and lets him know that blood of 5 lives  are on his hands. Glenn threatens him but tells him he is saving him. Carl and Emo-Girl hide in a tree as a horde of zombies go by. They have a moment. We see that one has a W carved in its foreahead. Nicholas unbcovers the missing gun that he Rick previously hid. Sasha is running in the woods and killing zombies. Michonne and Rosita finally find her. The run into a zombie horde and Sasha is sick of playing defense. Michonne relives her killing of all the zombies over the years. Rosita and Sasha join in on the mass killing. Sasha starts yelling at them and saying that no one can help her.   

Aaron and Daryl come across body parts that are fresh. They continue to scout out who may have done the carnage. They come across a female that has been tied up to a tree and she was fed on and torn apart. It is fresh as well. The woman has a W on her forehead and becomes a walker right then. Rick speaks to Jessie. Rick is blunt and mentions that the beatings have to stop. Jessie says it will stop but Rick says he knows it will not and he will do what is necessary for it to stop. Jessie says she can take care of herself and for Rick to leave her alone. Rick walks away upset and appears to be having some sort of meltdown. Rick goes back to Jessie and says her son asks for a gun to protect her. Rick begs her to says yes and let him protect her sons and her. She finally says yes as a drunk Pete shows up. Jessie stands up to her husband and tells him to leave. A fight breaks out between Rick and Pete and they go through the window.

Rick and Pete are fighting it out. Jessie gets hit by Pete in the middle and Carl gets knocked back by Rick. The stupid red balloon we have seen all episode floats up. Deanna yells at Rick to stop it. Rick pulls a gun and says that they still do not understand what needs to be done. Rick tells them that they have to live in a real world. Rick is on crazy level 10 and Michonne runs up on him and knocks him out. She is back in uniform.

My thoughts: This episode was designed to set up the hour and a half season finale. Things are heating up on the outside as Daryl and Rick come across mutilations and things are getting more intense on the inside as Rick and Sasha both seemed to have snapped. Rick has reached a whole different level of crazy. He believes he knows what is right for everyone and that is not sitting well with Deanna. We all knew that Nicholas was going to lie but he should have admitted to being a coward, you can respect someone who admits their weakness instead of continuing to lie. Personally I think they were being heavy handed with the red balloon and the W concept. Subtlety can make a show work you do not have to beat us over the head with symbolism. The question is who is going to die in the final episode. Share your thoughts in the comments? 

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