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The Walking Dead S5, ep. 16 "Conquer" Season Finale

Episode starts with Morgan waking up in a car. He is out there surviving. A man walks up to him with a gun. He has a W on his forehead. He talks about the bounty on the wolves heads and says they are back now. Morgan plays it real cool. The man wants everything that Morgan has and the man responds that he is taking him too but he will not be alive. Morgan says he can have everything but he will not allow the man to take him away. (This dude is creepy). Another guy jumps out but Morgan takes them both out with a staff. Morgan keeps telling them to just go but they keep attacking until he takes them down. Turns out the gun was empty. Morgan does the nice thing and leaves the guys in the car he previously was in. He beeps the horn and leaves. Daryl is on his bike enjoying the open road while Aaron is in the car following him. (Doesn't a bike make too much noise for walkers? I guess we shouldn't pay attention to details like that) Rick wakes up and is bandage from his fight. Michonne is in the room watching Rick. She wants to know what he finds so funny. He responds that it is like the train car and how he is still here. Michonne is upset that Rick did not keep her in the loop. Glenn, Carol, and Abraham came in. Carol asks where he got the gun, he plays along saying that he took it. Carol tells Rick to tell them a pretty story since these people are children. Rick says if the town meeting tonight does not go well they will threaten them to get what they want. He admits to screwing up. Maggie talks to Deanna about the meeting tonight. She says that sending Rick away is not going to work. She pleads Rick's case. Sasha has dug a hole. She is throwing the dead walkers into the hole. She lays down with the bodies. (yup, she has gone off the deep end) Daryl and Aaron are going through the woods. Aaron talks about three people they sent away. It was a woman and three men and Aaron says he does not want to make the mistake again. Carol visits with Rick and hands him another gun. Carol admits that she did not tell the others about the guns just in case. 

Rick finally makes it outside and everyone is watching him. Nicholas is watching Glenn in a creepy way. Maggie talks to Glenn and how she is going to talk to people about Rick and try to save him from being kicked out. Glenn sees Nicholas climbing out of the gates. Father Gabriel goes outside the gates with no gun saying all he needs is the word of God. Rick shows up home and Carl is happy to see him. Carl says this is home and Rick agrees. Carl says these people need them and Rick has to help them without killing them. Aaron and Daryl come up to a warehouse of food. They take out the zombies so they can collect some food for camp. They trailers are a trap and are filled with zombies. They are coming from everywhere and Daryl and Aaron are forced to crawl under one of the trailers. There is a lot of blood as they make a run for it. They are tapped in a car and all the walkers have the W carved in their foreheads. Pete is sitting in a house. Carol shows up and in her psycho way threatens him for not taking care of Tara. She says she could kill him and get away with it. Carol mentions that he can live if he plays his cards right. Glenn is outside and finds himself shot by Nicholas. Glenn goes down and disappears as Nicholas tries to find his body. Daryl and Aaron are in the car having a heart to heart as they are surrounded by walkers. Daryl tells Aaron that he will draw them away but wants to finish his smoke first. Aaron says no and that they have to do it together if they make it or not. (beautiful moment, I got a bit teary eyed) As they are about to make their way out Morgan helps and they are able to get out. Morgan helps them fight their way out. Daryl asks Morgan why he did it and he says that life is precious. Morgan says thank you for the invitation but he is on his way and shows Daryl the map with Abraham's writing to Rick. Father Gabriel is out walking and whistling. He draws attention to himself from the walker he comes upon saying he is ready. Father Gabriel waits to die and then at the last minute kills the walker. He goes up to the man that the walker was feeding on and kills him too. He breaks down sobbing and curls up into a ball. Abraham shows up with flowers to see Tara. At first he wants to leave but stays since Eugene is asleep. Rosita purposely makes noise to wake Eugene up. Eugene says thank you to Abraham for getting them there and apologizes for his lie. Abraham apologizes for almost killing Eugene. Spencer asks if he can talk to Father Gabriel later about his brother and leaves it to Father Gabriel to close the gates but he does not do it properly. Nicholas and Glenn fight on the outside but are interrupted by walkers. Rick finally admits to Michonne about the guns they took. Rick tries to hand the gun to Michonne. She says she knocked him out for him and not them. Michonne says they do not need the guns here and they can find a way. Michonne says if they do not they are still with him. Rick hears Bob's voice saying that one day he will be back in the real world. Rick looks out the window and notices something. He sees the gates open and blood and gore are by the gate. He closes the gate and runs off. 

Rick is running and trying to find the walker he knows is in the town. Sasha is in the makeshift church. Gabriel shows up and Sasha asks for help. He says he cannot help her. The town meeting is occurring and Deanna says they are going to talk about what happened. Nicholas is limping along and it is now night time. Rick is running and hears a dog barking. Father Gabriel is attacking Sasha with words and saying she deserves all that she got because of her sins. She attacks him. Rick finds the walker. Michonne is pleading Rick's case to the townspeople. Rick is now facing multiple walkers. Glenn knocks out Nicholas. Carol pleads Rick's case. Glenn beats the crap out of Nicholas. Abraham in his own way pleads for Rick. The man in the red poncho that Aaron was looking for is killed by the guys with the W on their foreheads from the beginning of the episode. Maggie pleads Rick's case and how he made them a family. Deanna mentions how Father Gabriel says that the group is dangerous. Sasha is holding a gun on Father Gabriel. Glenn has a gun on Nicholas. Rick walks into the meeting. and throws the body down of the walker into the meeting. Glenn is telling Nicholas to shut up as he pleads for his life but in the end he does not shoot him. Gabriel tells Sasha to kill him but Maggie shows up and takes the gun away from her. Gabriel is crying about his flock and Maggie takes his hand and helps him off the ground. Rick talks to the crowd saying that they will be hunted. Nicholas is helped by Glenn. Rosita sees that Tara is awake. Carl is holding Judith. The Wolves find pictures of Alexandria. Gabriel, Sasha, and Maggie pray together. Rick tells them that they are not ready but they have to be right now. Pete comes with Michonne's sword and ends up slicing Reg's throat. Deanna is crying as she holds Reg. Rick kills Pete on Deanna's orders. Morgan arrives with Daryl and Aaron and witnesses it all. Michonne is about to hang up her sword but instead straps it to her back.

My Thoughts: We had a hour and a half long season finale. Frankly I was very disappointed. The only death we had was Peter who no one cares about. The fight between Nicholas/Glenn and Sasha/Gabriel was so blah. Everyone walks away singing we are the world and no death occurs. It was very annoying. The only good part of this whole episode was Morgan. Morgan kicked butt from beginning to end. I enjoyed his work with the staff. He tried to be nice and let them (wolves) go but they kept coming after them. I enjoyed that he then saves Aaron and Daryl. He then walks in on watching his friend kill a man. This was an episode where a lot of walkers died but no characters that we cared about. I felt like overall the whole half of this season was a waste. We saw two of the wolves but that was about it. What do you hope to see in Season 6?

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