Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Good Bye Wolverine

 Although Wolverine may be ageless his counterpart Hugh Jack man sadly is not. The 46 year old says good bye after the Wolverine trilogy is completed; which is slated for March 2017.  Hugh  has been playing wolverine for the past 17 years across several films with lead roles and appearances. No word yet if he will be in the 2016 Xmen movie but regardless 8 films is quite a resume for 1 actor and character.

At Fangirlreview.com we wish Hugh the best and look forward toward a recast but understand that Jackman's iconic performances can never be replaced.

Mack's Thoughts

Another with the mushiness. I say " Bye Felipe" Personally I have to be honest the standalone wolverine movies all SUCK and I blame FOX for making the movies and Marvel for selling the rights to make awful movies. My bias also comes from not actually being that much of a Wolverine fan. I respect the claws and the indestructible skeleton and regenerative healing factor but other than that there are so many other mutants that are more powerful with better mutations but I did enjoy Wolverine and the X-men; the animated series which should have gotten a season two the graphics were sick. My favorite comic book version is the Age of Apocalypse Wolverine. Okay I also enjoys him in the 90's X-men Cartoon even though he got his butt kicked a lot along with Storm ALWAYS getting blasted out of  the sky and Jean Grey remaining a constant TEASE with that red hair and green eyes and limitless power as the Phoenix which is why Scott moved on from her " I'm dead" "No, wait I'm alive" "Sorry I'm dead again" routine in the comics with Emma Frost but I digress. I still wish more characters would have gotten their own movies. That silver samurai disaster really angered me. It was equivalent to that horrible Mandarin concept in the Iron-Man movie. Robert Downey Jr who is turning 50 may also be following Jackman's lead with an exit and a recast of his claim to fame and fortunate character.

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- Mack Nichols

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