Saturday, April 11, 2015

Killing Floor 2 Beta Review

Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to Killing Floor that will have an early release on 04/21/2015. This new addition to the Killing Floor franchise introduces updated graphics, a new perk system, and much more.

Character Models: The first thing you notice with the character models is the choices you have with each different possible character you can choose from. Instead of just choosing a character model and looking like any other player that chooses that model. You can now switch what the head looks like whether it is the whole face or just the hair. You can change the color of your clothes, and add accessories whether it be hats, glasses, or etc. This gives you the sense of the detail that the designers decided to add in this particular franchise update, which makes some people happy to have some uniqueness from others you play with online.

Classes: The current classes are Support, Commando, Berserker, and Medic. Though this is only the beta version with early release scheduled for later this month, I wonder what they are going to do with the other classes they had in the previous version. The current classes have specific weapons where you gain experience from when you use them, and other objectives with experience bonuses like the Berserker needing to kill enemies near other players for bonus experience. Hopefully, there are updates that add more classes cause I always loved Firebug.

Perks: The perk system has an update. It is still based off of experience as in before, but you get to choose different perks which are class specific, instead of just unlocking perks as you level up. You feel the customization, where everyone can play the same class, but can be different with the perks one chooses. That being said, they added skill points to the system which you use to choose the different perks for you class.

New Final Boss: Of course with anything franchise update, you should have a new final boss. The boss feels more interactive than before, with it grabbing friendlies and sucking away their life. Definitely, if people don't know what they are doing, your party will wipe. This boss is definitely fun to fight, and you do feel accomplished when you take it down.

My Thoughts: This is a great addition to the Killing Floor franchise, and it is definitely a great game to have to play with others. It is great to play with friends and family so go pick it up and enjoy, and there is tons of replay value with the current classes they have out now. A good and fun PvE FPS that has a fantastic online multiplayer experience.

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