Saturday, May 16, 2015

LAUNCH: Stan Lee's Hero Command iOS/Android Game Launches at ACBC!

F84 Games ( and Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment ( are pleased to announce that they are releasing Stan Lees Hero Command mobile game at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention. From the imagination of the comic book legend, Stan Lee, comes an expansive superhero world and action/adventure experience starring powerful new heroes, villains, and even Stan Lee himself. It is a "Free to Play" game and is now available for download both on iOS and Android.

About the Game:

Stan Lee's Hero Command stars Stan Lee himself as the leader of the Hero Command, who gives players assignments and dispatches heroes to save the day. As an ever-expanding game, players will discover and interact with new playable heroes across exciting new scenarios released regularly. Players will be met with a blend of humor, action, and suspense. After an initial beta trial, the game is now releasing in both iOS and Android app stores with the full game play features.

  • The Heroes: Play as Steamhammer, a Russian strongman with a steam-powered suit; Seer, a kid genuis and powerful psychic, the Twins, a high-flying trapeze team, and new heroes to be deployed in the coming months. What's more, other heroes will join you on your missions as you progress through the game!. 

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