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Splatoon Direct Overview 5/7/2015

Nintendo Outlines Ink-redible Free Splatoon Demo Events and Post-Launch Content. Nintendo is hosting free demo events of Splatoon for all Wii U owners, and people who purchase the game will receive a squid-boatload of free post-launch content. Nintendo announced these and other details during a Nintendo Direct video focused on the Splatoon game, which launches May 29 exclusively for the Wii U console. To watch the Nintendo Direct in its entirety, visit

Splatoon represents Nintendo’s take on the action shooter genre. Characters called Inklings can transform into squids as they attempt to cover the play area with their team’s colorful ink and splat opponents. Today’s Nintendo Direct detailed many of the weapons, stages, gear, modes and other features available in the game. New announcements from the Nintendo Direct included:

Global Testfire: Wii U owners with a broadband Internet connection can now download from the Nintendo eShop a free special demo, which will enable them to participate in four-on-four Turf War battles in several one-hour demo events set at optimal times for global play. The first Testfire event is scheduled for 8-9 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, May 8, with additional opportunities on Saturday, May 9, at both 4-5 a.m. and 12-1 p.m. During the first one-hour demo event, Nintendo will be broadcasting a live stream hosted by game experts from Nintendo’s Treehouse as they play against other Testfire participants.

Four-on-Four Online Action: Players will have to think strategically when participating in Splatoon’s Turf War mode. Two stages are refreshed every four hours, meaning players will have to carefully consider weapons and tactics for the stages on hand. Different weapons work better in different stages, so players will discover depth in the weaponry as they focus their strategies on different two-stage pairings. After each four-on-four match, players are randomly reshuffled to form new teams, so sometimes players will be working with their friends and other times they’ll be looking to take them down.

Free Post-Launch Content: Five Turf War stages will be available at launch, but Nintendo will continue to add free new stages throughout summer 2015. Additionally, Nintendo plans to continually expand the game with new weapons, battle modes and gear. A major game update event in August will add two additional matchmaking options, including the ability for friends to form four-person teams and search for other four-person teams to battle against. The second option lets eight friends join up to battle in four-on-four matches on any stage and with any rules they want. The August update will also deliver a new battle mode and additional gear for characters to wear.

Gift with Purchase: Players who pre-order or purchase Splatoon at GameStop stores or will receive a digital download code upon their paid balance of the game for two Mii Fighter Splatoon-themed costumes available to download in summer 2015 for use in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U game! This offer is available in the United States only while supplies last.

Splatfests: Themed events called Splatfests will pose questions to players such as: Do you prefer dogs or cats? Players must choose and represent their side during online battles. Players who rank high enough can even get a valuable Super Sea Snail item to upgrade gear. Prepare for the first Splatfest, taking place on June 20. If your side wins you will get a super sea snail which can be used to buy items from Spyke.

For more information about Splatoon, visit

My Thoughts: The direct was well delivered as always. You have a Squid researcher leading the walk through of the game and features that will be available at launch and future content that will be available. In the video it is noted that the Squid form can go 2x the running speed of the humanoid also your humainoid is 14 years old.
The Turf War looked visually stunning. It will be a 4x4 battle lasting for 3 minutes and has a cat named Judd that judges the turf war. If you step on foreign ink or get shot with it too many times you will explode and respawn at the starting point for your team. You now have the chance to jump across the board as a squid to one of your teammates to join the fight. There will be points acquired at the end of the match that equals currency and allows you toe level up. The boards for Turf Wars are:
  • · Urchin Underpass (Filled with concrete walls)
  • · Saltspray Rig (High and low levels like an oil rig)
  • · Blackbelly Skatepark (Wide open areas)
  • · Walleye Warehouse (close contact)
  • · Arowana Mall (narrow areas)

Gear can be purchased in the Inkapolis which is the fashion central. Each item of clothing can provide power ups to the squid. You can also check out other people in the Plaza and order what they are wearing from a very shady character named Spyke. Items become available as you level up. The shops in the plaza are:
  • · Jelly Fresh – clothing store for t-shirts.
  • · Shrimp Kicks – shoe shop
  • · Cooler Heads – head gear such as hats and sunglasses
  • · Ammo Knights – the weapon shop
Weapons are broken down into three groups Main Weapons, Sub Weapons, Special Weapons. There are three types of Main Weapons - Chargers, Rollers, and Shooters. Shooters are a splatter shot that fires rapid bursts. Aerospray MG, Jet Squelcher, and Blaster are the three types presented and each has their own abilities. Chargers require a short charge prior to shooting. E-liter 3k and Splatter Swipe were the ones presented. Roller is just that. You roll and cover large areas. The one presented was the Dynamo roller. Subweapons are support tools and include
  • · Suction bomb – Sticks to the walls prior to detonating
  • · Burst Bomb – uses less ink and works like a grenade
  • · Point Sensor – locates enemy
  • · Ink Mine – Invisible to enemy until they walk over it
  • · Disruptor – slow downs opponents
Special Weapons are used after the guage is filled from covering the area with ink.
  • · Ink strike – causes an ink tornado
  • · Echolocator – locates enemy for the entire team to view
  • · Bubbler – protective bubble around player
  • · Kraken – turn into a large invincible squid for a period of time
Solo Mission in OctoValley where you fight against octopus known as Octarians. It has great puzzle play and you often find yourself switching from humainoid to squid You can find items like amor or special weapons to help you on the board. There are power eggs that you can pick up to power up your weapons. There are Sunken Scrolls hidden in each stage which hints to other levels in the world.

In the Plaza you can go to the Battle Dojo. In this area you can play local scrimmages or practice. You will deflate balloons with ink for points. 1 player uses the game paid while the other uses the tv. There are 2 stages available for 4 hours. It will change and give you the chance to have the correct weapons on you based on the two stages available.

Ranked Battle - You must hold a specific area the longest. It will be an intense battle and you are ranked on skill alone from A+ to C-.You must reach level 10 to play and Ranked Battle will not be unlocked until a global condition is met. In other words no one is playing until enough people across the world reach level 10.

Squiddy Games – there is a classic arcade game in the Plaza. It has an 8 bit style game called Squid Jump in which you have the squid from Mario Bros jumping from different levels to climb high. An amiibo Stand is located in the plaza. There are three types of amiibo. There is a girl amiibo that will unlock charger challenges for you. The boy has roller challenges. The squid has a mixture of the two. By clearing missions you will receive special gear. By beating all the mission you will unlock fun mini-games.

Overall there is so much to this game. I continue to learn something new. I look forward to this game! It is finally something new in the shooter arena. I was getting tired of the yucky gray coloring for all video games of this time. Put some color in it and make it fun!

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