Tuesday, June 2, 2015

AC Boardwalk Con: My Impressions

Atlantic City has been struggling financially for quite sometime. I was excited to hear that AC will be hosting its own Comic Con and found it very fitting that they added the iconic Boardwalk as part of the name. The Con brought a great number of people to the much needed Boardwalk. I showed up the day before the convention as they allowed for us to pick up our tickets early (Hopefully next year they will just be mailed as the next day line for tickets was brutal). I picked up my press badge with no problems. There was no wait and everyone was very helpful.

Sadly the main star of the show, Stan Lee, became ill and was not able to be there. So they offered guests either a chance to buy Stan Lee memorbilla or have a refund. I opted for the refund as it was more about meeting Stan Lee then having something randomly signed. While there was a lot of confusion about this on the FB page, it was clear once you talked to staff what needed to be done. The convention center at the Sheraton allowed for a large space and frankly felt much better and overall cleaner than the Javitz center during New York Comic Con.

The panels were well planned out. Sadly some were cancelled due to the talent canceling but again that is not the fault of the Con. The Kevin Smith Panel was perfect as he spoke for 3 hours for fans although he did not really get around to discussing the Mall Rats sequel but he is such a great speaker that it did not matter.

I attended the Kevin Smith Panel, Once Upon a Time Panel, William Shatner Man of War Panel, Comic Book Men Panel, and Michael Rooker Live Panel. Overall the panels were great. My favorite was actually the Once Upon a Time Panel. The actors were so lively and very funny. There were panels about cosplay, comic books, etc. They was truly something for everybody.

The clips from the panels can be found at the Fangirl Review YouTube HERE. There is also an interview with the man behind AC Boardwalk Con, Mike D'Alesso. As well as an interview with Jeff Hardy, creative director, behind Stand Lee's Hero Command game.

The layout of the convention floor was spacious and had a lot of room to grow in the upcoming years. Overall it was a well done Con for the first year. Yes there were hiccups but that is to be expected. I enjoyed myself, scored some great stuff, and had fun in the panels that were always spacious enough that you were never turned away. I am looking forward to next year.

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