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BookExpo America/Book Con 2015 Review

BEA Review

This year was my first year going to BookExpo America/Book Con. The Book Expo was located at the Jacob Javits Center which is the home of New York Comic Con. As I am familiar with the location I knew what to expect. However my jaw dropped to the floor when I walked into the convention center. The Javits center was turned into a home for book lovers filled with plush carpets and extravagant booths. Frankly I am now a bit disgusted with NYCC; now that I see what the Javits center can become. There were even nice carpets at the lower levels so you were not sitting on that cold hard floor.

The Book Expo allowed for great contacts. I met a lot of upcoming and authors and publishers that you will be seeing reviews of products on the site soon. 


There were a plethora of panels to be seen on the main stage as well as a great information at the Bloggers Conference. One panel that I sat in on was "Marvel Presents: Star Wars". The speakers fro this panel were Alex Maleev, Charles Soule, and Jordan White. Soule shared a lot of great information about the Lando series that has been developed. Frankly Lando is one of my favorite Star Wars characters because he was just so smooth. A lot of great covers were shown from Marvel. I look forward to seeing how this is tied into the upcoming Movies. 

Book Con Review 

The Book Con while separate is part of the Book Expo. The Book Expo is more for those in the industry while Book Con is more for the fans. The Authors came out for their fans and there were lines everywhere for the book signings. Book Con was smart in letting people bring their own books or if need be buy the books while there.



The Panels at the Book Con were more fan related. I checked out the New Adult & Romance Panel which featured Abbi Glines, Coleen Hoover, Elisa Verna, and K.A. Tucker. The ladies discussed the new adult world and what it means to them. The ladies discuss how step-siblings romance is really hot right now and how writing the younger stories of people falling in love is just more fun. I also enjoyed the panel with Felicia Day. She has written a book on her life called, "You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). In the book she discusses her acting, LARPing, her college years, growing up in the south, overall the book is not just giggles but also touches on series topics. Day was a great speaker and was very inspirational in talking about the problems she faced when trying to get roles. One great quote that she had was, "Everyone has a box [Black guy, skater girl, etc] that they are put in after they cast the White People".  After that statement I look forward to hearing more from Day. 

The other panel that I truly had a great time in was the Rainbow Rowell. I have read a few of her books now and really enjoy it. I will admit that I was rendered speechless listening to her. She was by far the best speaker. She was funny and inspirational. She gave just overall great talk. I would listen to her speak at any future engagements. She said if she could sit down with the young girls today and watch television with them and tell them that is not how real people look. She was the highlight of the Book Con. 

Overall I enjoyed myself at the convention. I met great people and even had a chance to meet the iconic R.L. Stine. He was a bit kooky but fun to talk to and made my inner tween happy recalling the time when she would read Fear Street. I would recommend checking out this event to all avid readers.

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