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e3 2015 Overview

This year's e3 was interesting to say the least. Gamers alike flocked to the internet to see the conferences that the big 3 presented as well as what other publishers such as Square Enix, Capcom, and Ubisoft had to offer. I am not going to get into the debate of who won, that is just enciting an unnecessary riot that I wish to avoid. I am just going to talk about some of the items presented and leave it there. 

Microsoft Conference:  They announced backwards compatibility by explaining that Mass Effect will be available this Holiday season so players on Xbox One can play with their Xbox 360 friends. That is huge for me since so many of my friends are still on 360. WooHoo! Halo 5 Guardians was highlighted a warzone was presented for 24 players. Recore game shown. New wireless controller presented. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 for next spring. Other games presented Forza Motorsports 6, Dark Soul III, Tom Clancy The Divison, Rainbow Six Siege, Beyond Eyes, Tacoma, Cup Head, Xbox Game Preview - check out a selection of games that are still in development. Rare Game Collection - you get to play Battletoads! Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable Legends will be free to play. Valve and Microsoft partner and Hololens demonstration with MineCraft was mind blowing. If they can pull it off it at a reasonable price it will be awesome. - Gears of War Ultimate Edition for gears fans and Gears 4 presented. 

Sony Conference: The Last Guardian shown with great cut scenes. Horizon Zero Dawn reminds you of Monster Hunter. Hitman - its assassination time. Street Fighter V will be exclusive. Expansive world for No Man's Sky which has a space theme to it almost as if you will be flying. Dreams was stunningly beautiful and gives you a chance to build your own world. Other games coming - Destiny The Taken King, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII remake coming first to PS4. Project Morpheus explored. Playsation Vue allowing users to pay per channel versus paying for a bundle. Playsation partnering with Activision - Call of Duty Black Ops III - basically all those DLCs you get will be on PS first. Star Wars will be in Disney Infinity. Star Wars Battlefront gameplay shown. Uncharted 4: The Theif's end for all you Uncharted Fans. 

Nintendo: Nintendo's conference was filled with cute puppets. We get to see the new Star Fox 0 and how the gamepad will be utilized. More gameplay and explanation behind Mario Maker. Skylanders Superchargers - with a Donkey Kong and Bowser skylander figurine was presented. Zelda Triforce Heroes for 3ds which plays up more of puzzles and dungeons. Also introduced Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3ds; additional characters and stages will be added to make it more expansive than the Wii U version. Various other games were presented such as Fire Emblem Fates, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Happy Home Designer - Animal Crossings, Yarn Yoshi amiibo with gameplay footage for Yoshi's Wooly World. Also Yo-Kai Watch, Mario and Luigi Paper Jam.

Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts with Tangled presented. Just Cause 3 with a new feature of a wing suit, New Nier project on the hoizon. Lara Croft Go - turn based game. Heaven sword - Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest Heroes, Life is Strange, Final Fantasy VII for iOS coming as well, Kingdom Hearts Unchained, Kingdom Hearts III announced. Final Fantasy XV shown.

Ubisoft: South Park : The Stick of Truth sequel "The Fractured but Whole". For Honor gameplay, Awesome Level Max, Just Dance 2016 - you can use your smart phone as a controller, new streaming service so you can get new songs all year long. 

Bethesda: Bethesda had their first ever e3 case. They presented a new Doom game which considering the love of first person shooters it is a good bet for them as long as the online multiplayer is strong. Dishonored 2 was presented. There are two characters that you can play but very little information presented. Fallout 4 which will have you creating your player and seeing the world before and go from there. There is now a Fallout mobile app which is called Fallout Shelter and get to make your own vault. Also you can get your hands on an actual wearable Pip-Boy. 

This is by no means everything that occurred at e3 2015 but just an overview so you can talk to your friends about it. I was very excited about the backwards compatibility for Xbox, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, No Man's Sky, and all the cool VR fun that was presented. My only complaint is the same as always which is I wish there was more gameplay footage. What did you think of e3 2015?

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