Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review - Captain Midnight: THE FINAL ISSUE

Captain Midnight: THE FINAL ISSUE

And so, the eleventh hour showdown has come! This month we are given the final issue of Dark Horse’s pulp hero comic Captain Midnight. A classic farwell story fitting for any hero or title that is being retired. The cover art is brought to us by Michael Broussard ( Darkness) who delivers an ever classic hero cover of Captain Midnight standing tall and vigilant, ready to take on the evils before him without fear. If this is truly the end of the book, this cover is perfectly fitting. The reason I say that, it allows the Captain Midnight fan to have an everlasting image of the hero to drawn back to and reminisce on for years to come in a positive manner, without making it feel like “this was the last story”. Which I commend Michael for doing. It is both respectful to the character and the reader alike. I mean, as a comic fan for many years I have seen a lot of comic titles end in my lifetime. And unfortunately there are some covers I have seen as a fan that really gave the reader that negative vibe of “this was the last story”. But, Michael Broussard doesn't do that here. He allows childlike hope to be felt by the reader, that we might see Captain Midnight somewhere else or sometime later within the Dark Horse family. So to him, I open this review with an ever grateful, thank you.

Inside the story is written by Joshua Williamson (NailBiter) and art is done by Miguel Sepulveda (Trojan War). So going into this story my standards were high. Joshua Williamson has been doing fantastic things in the the comic industry as writer for a long time now, so a high standard was warranted. Sadly, I guess my standards were too high. I definitely didn’t get the story I had imagined coming from a book with Joshua’s name on it. Which was heartbreaking for me, since he’s been one of my go to writers for a long time now.

Sepulveda does a great job of storytelling the the fight scenes to the reader. He pulls no punches when the scenes call for him to pull out all the stops and show what epic battle mayhem should look like. The downside do this, is at times it almost feels like a 90’s comic. All art and no story. like the story just took a back seat in the car and allowed the art to drive the reader to the final conclusion of this comic title. Which, in my humble opinion, was a bad ending. As a comic reader I figured out the story’s ending by page 7. I am not trying to be too harsh on this comic, but, I did expect something far better for a series ending story and unfortunately it just didn’t deliver.

So in closing, on the comic epicness scale what do I rate Captain Midnight The Final Issue?
  1. Craptastic
  2. Die Hard Fans Only
  3. Awesome Sauce
  4. Brilliantly Fantastic
  5. Epic...
Die Hard Fans Only!

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