Monday, July 20, 2015

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Review

Day 0 and 1(Wed and Thursday)- HALL H

For anyone new to SDCC, Hall H is the god of panel’s room. The largest room of panels for the entire con. If you want to see a panel you’re probably going to have to camp out the night before. Anyone with wristbands must get back in line before 7am otherwise they will not get in. The room holds a total of 7,000 people. When you are inside the room you have to stay for all panels if yours is later in the day, if there are open seats staff will start allowing non-wristband people into the room. While you can take pictures inside, no photography or videotaping is allowed during trailers or special footage on the screens. I know quite a few trailers leaked this year, and that just upsets all con-goers and that special feeling you get for waiting in line for hours to see something before everyone else! SHAME! 

Was able to meet a few new friends and camp outside Hall H for wrist bands. We were very close to the front of the line. Wrist bands were given out at about 11pm. Most of our group disbanded and went to get a few hours’ sleep. Regrouping started about 6:30am. Doors for Hall H finally opened up around 9am. Our group was able to score fourth row seats behind reserved seating. The panel I was there for wasn’t until 430pm. I spent the entire day sitting through panels I either wasn’t interested in, or knew nothing about.

Finally the time came for Doctor Who panel....and Peter Capalidi came out. Con goers in Hall H were able to see the Season 9 trailer and Q/A with the crew.

Day 2 - Friday

Again we camped out for Hall H as we wanted to attend the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones panel. Our kids wanted to stay for the Star Wars panel. Again all panels had Q/A for the actors and sneak peaks of trailers. However the Star Wars panel had so many surprises and events no one knew about. While all the new actors for The Force Awakens were present, Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford all came out! Then JJ Abrams made the announcement that all 7,000 Hall H attendees were going to a special concert! If that wasn’t enough we got a special lanyard and light sabers for the event. Storm Troopers assisted a congoer that walked to SDCC in honor of his late wife to the event with all of Hall H following. It was def. worth staying up late to get into Hall H for this event alone. Seeing 7k lightsabers sway in the marina was amazing! 

Game of Thrones panel gave away free swag bag. It included: a book, t-shirt, keychain, pens, and some stickers.

Day 3 - Saturday
After 2 days in Hall H we needed a break. We hit the con floor for a bit and picked up some free swag. Con floor was very crowded and hard to move about. Unlike last year many of the exclusives did not sell out right away. Not sure if there was less interest or if vendors brought more in this year. There were a few hot items that you just couldn’t get your hands on if you tried. Most POP Figures sold out daily, along with the new Storm Trooper figures.

That night we attended The Nerdist Doctor Who LIVE Podcast - which was also amazing! The podcast should be available on their twitter account shortly.

Day 4 - Sunday
Sunday was also another hectic day as everyone trying to squeeze in their last minute shopping. We hit the con floor for a bit and tried for more swag but some the lines just weren’t worth the wait. We were able to get into the Sailor Moon panel by VIZ, and got some cute posters! By this day the kids were just beat from non-stop go go go. Of course mom and dad felt the same! There just so much to do, but not enough time to hit everything up! There’s free event all over, and you never know if an actor/actress will pop in, and sometimes it feels like you’re missing out on something big. It can be a bit overwhelming! We finally sat down in a restaurant for a real hot meal that was just glorious!

But just leaving makes SDCC just sad!

If you are planning on attending next year, start hitting up local groups on Facebook and Forums, as many people work together to help each other out. While one person is in 1 line purchasing items, someone else can be in another purchasing. This can help you obtain the items you want for while helping someone else out in return! Within these groups you can also trade swag! 

Always remember to pack the essentials: hand soap, napkins, snacks, plenty of water, deodorant, lotion, extra battery packs to charge devices, batteries and maybe a change of clothes! Keep clean! 

Overall this SDCC 2015 was a good year. Hitting Hall H for the first time was something we will never forget! :)

Until next year!

Post by Tara
Twitter: AnimeSector

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