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Teen Wolf S5, Ep. 3 "Dream Catchers" Recap and Review

Show starts with Stiles and Scott giving Stiles's father a pep talk about an upcoming date. We see the punk kid Donovan who goes all creepy about how he is going to kill Mr. Stilinski. Turns out that once upon a time that Donovan wanted to be a cop. The driver of the van transporting Donovan appears to be having a heart attack, something begins dripping down from the ceiling. The music is extra intense. The lawyer is able to stop the van before they die. Tracy kills the driver and begins to kill others in the van including her father. Donovan gets out and runs. Donovan comes in contact with the bioshock guys and they drill into his head. Stiles shows Scott something from Braeden about the desert wolf. Malia is having driving lessons with Lydia and Kira. She has a brief flashback to her car accident. It does not go well. Lydia tells them to keep going as she is having a banshee moment. They find the police van. Scott is asked by Mr. Stilinski to find Donovan. Stiles thinks its Theo and we see Theo lurking at the crime scene. Scott is attacked by Donovan who keeps saying the name Tracy. 

The Scooby Gang meet to discuss about Tracy and how they will find her. Mason was invited to the inner circle and is geeking out. Stilinski is talking to Donovan but he just keeps asking for a new lawyer. Tracy has killed her psychiatrist. Malia is finally shown the picture of the killing of the dessert wolf. Liam notifies Scott that Tracy has shown up to school. Tracy is having problems controlling herself. Liam pulls the fire alarm. Tracy is having a night terror and can only see the bioshock guys that are really Scott and Liam. Tracy says they are coming for all of us. She pukes out some weird silver goo. They take Tracy to Deaton. He is confused to what is going on. 

Lydia and Kira check out Tracy's house to figure out what is going on. Deaton tries tests on Tracy. Lydia thinks that Tracy isn't actually awake and is still in a night terror. Liam notices that Tracy is wearing a necklace that he saw in a hole that he fell into in the woods. Turns out that the driver of the van was paralyzed and did not have a heart attack. Stiles says he knows what she is. They flip Tracy over and notice that something is moving in her spine. Her back opens and out whips a tail. She takes off and is able to get through the mountain ash protection. She is not a werewolf but instead a kanima. Everyone is down and paralyzed. Deaton talks Malia and Scott through focusing on healing so they can get free first. Theo and Mason are walking through the woods. Mason finds the hole and does not see the necklace. They realize that Tracy was buried and dug herself out of the hole. Malia is able to get free first. She leaves them to find her. Lydia thinks that Tracy is going after her mother since she tried to help her. Mrs. Martin is on a date with Stilinski. He notices that everyone is paralyzed. Lydia and Kira get to the precinct in time and they find her on the ceiling. Liam thinks it is a different hole and they wonder who crawled out of that one. Kira whips out her sword and begins to fight Tracy. Lydia gets stabbed on her side by Tracy. Kira does a cool Fox moment and slices off her tail. She starts burning on fire and looks quite badass. Theo shows up to help the rest of the paralyzed group. They give in and let him help. Malia shows up to the precinct. Lydia tries to Malia that Tracy is asleep and that she is in a night terror. Malia goes to the basement to confront Tracy and help Mrs. Martin. Another chick fight! Malia has Tracy down and sees her turn back. Malia decides not to kill her. Tracy wakes up. The bioshock guys show up and injects Tracy and kills her. They hold Malia while they do it. Malia is left with her body and is upset. 

My Thoughts: I know, I know! The BioShock Guys real name is The Doctors but that is just not as much fun. So I will keep calling them the BioShock Guys. Okay so Tracy was made into a Kinama and that the jerk Donovan made have been made into one as well. I am not sure about that because when did he have the time to climb out of the hole before Scott found him. My question is what exactly do the Doctors want. They keep killing their pawns when they think they have failed but we are not sure their true misson. The first guy wanted to take the Alpha from Scott and was killed but Tracy just went on a killing spree of everyone that helped her. Plus you have Kira going extra Kitsune which adds more questions. 

Sadly we only get a second about the desert wolf and nothing on Parish but overall I am enjoying this season thus far. What do you think? 

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