Friday, August 7, 2015

Finch, Kitson, Ostrander, Van Sciver, and Wrightson in Baltimore!

The Baltimore Comic-Con welcomes industry giants David Finch, Barry Kitson, John Ostrander, Ethan Van Sciver, and Bernie Wrightson.

Joining us from Canada, David Finch received recognition for his early work at Top Cow Productions on titles such as Cyberforce, Ascension, and Aphrodite IX. He then went on to spend a number of years at Marvel Comics, working on blockbuster titles including Ultimate X-Men, Avengers (and the relaunched New Avengers), and Moon Knight before jumping into an exclusive contract with DC Comics in 2010 where he flexed his writing muscles as well as his drawing skills on Batman: The Dark Knight. He also worked on DC's Forever Evil, and is currently providing art on Wonder Woman (with his wife Meredith on writing duties).

British comic artist Barry Kitson broke into the industry while drawing Spider-Man for Marvel UK in 1985. Throughout his career, he has worked on such titles asAmazing Spider-Man, Legion of Superheroes, 2000 AD,Batman, and Incredible Hulks. He recently handled art duties for Marvel's Captain America and Iron Man and can be seen working on IDW's Star Trek/Green Lanterncovers, Valiant's Ivar, Timewalker covers, and interiors and covers for his creator-owned Empire: Uprising with Mark Waid, also published by IDW.

Multiple Eisner Award nominee John Ostranderreceived his published credits in First Comics' Warp in the 1980s. He is co-creator of the character Grimjack with Timothy Truman, published originally in First Comics'Starslayer before going on to appear in its own title. He has worked on DC Comics' Firestorm, Hawkman, Justice League, Martian Manhunter, Manhunter, The Spectre,Suicide Squad (currently in the midst of becoming a major motion picture!), and Wasteland, and on Marvel Comics'Bishop, Blaze of Glory, Heroes for Hire, The Punisher,Quicksilver, and X-Men. At Dark Horse Comics, he has written numerous Star Wars titles, and has also done work on Lady Death for Chaos! Comics, and Magnus, Robot Fighter, Rai and the Future Force, and Eternal Warrior for Valiant Comics. He has recently penned a Conan story in Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword from Dark Horse comics.

Ethan Van Sciver has been an exclusive artist for DC Comics for 12 years, with runs on Green Lantern, Flash,Batman the Dark Knight, and Firestorm. He's also worked on Sinestro, Justice League, Convergence,Impulse, Sensation Comics Presents Wonder Woman, and too many more titles to name! Plus, he's a cover artist, with numerous contributions to both DC and Marvel, where he assisted Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely as fill-in artist on New X-Men. He co-created Green Lantern's Emotional Spectrum, designed all of those lovely symbols associated with it, and created Atrocitus, Saint Walker, Larfleeze, Indigo-1, and lots of others. These days he's back in the Lanternverse, providing fill-ins for Green Lantern. He lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend and two kids.

Originally from the Baltimore area, Bernie Wrightsongot his first break in comics at DC in 1968, drawing a story that appeared in House of Mystery. His work grew to include titles at Marvel Comics, including Chamber of Darkness and Tower of Shadows, where he continued to develop his lush art style. Wrightson is co-creator of Swamp Thing from DC's House of Secrets. He moved onto Warren Publishing's black and white horror magazines, Heavy Metal magazine, and even National Lampoon. He has since returned to comics, including the Marvel Graphic Novels Spider-Man: Hooky and The Incredible Hulk and the Thing: The Big Change, DC'sThe Weird and Batman: The Cult, and IDW'sFrankenstein Alive, Alive!

"What a treat to have such high caliber talent," said Marc Nathan, promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con. "Every one of these guys is a giant in the comics industry, and their combined body of work is something to behold."

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