Thursday, October 8, 2015

Announcing Two New Series from Hashtag Comics

Souls Eternal is the newest title from Hashtag Comics that centers around a group of friends in a fictional city in Japan called Izanami. These children are special and are destined to have huge roles in their world as either saviors, or destroyers.  Beset upon on all sides by dark forces, can they rise to the occasion and fulfill their destinies? Join us in finding out.

Created by: Drew Crowder, Bohdan Neswiacheny and Roberto Torres (Tailwands)
Written by: Bohdan Neswiacheny
Art by: Roberto Torres
Published by: Hashtag Comics

A Time to Die: In a world overrun by humans, a horde of zombies must navigate from town to town and make as many zombies as they can along the way, just to avoid extinction. A new spin on an old favorite, writer Martin Dunn (Carpe Noctem) takes us on a journey as we meet fun new humans at the beginning of every book, and witness their fate as they encounter the traveling horde, fighting for survival.  Additionally, after several conventions full of "ooh I want to get eaten by zombies, kill me in your book" it will now feature fun special celebrity appearances.

Created by: Drew Crowder
Story/Writing by: Martin Dunn
Pencils/Inks: John Rivett
Colors by: Alison Roth

Published by: Hashtag Comics

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