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Supergirl S1, Ep. 1 "Pilot" recap

Show starts with a voice over by Kara. We see the beginning that we all know with Kara following behind Clark to be his protector on earth. Kara's pod was thrown off and she arrived 24 years late. Clark takes Kara to an adopted family so she can have a normal life and she decides to blend in. Dean Cain (superman) is her adopted dad and her mother is Helen Slater the original Supergirl! Kara is working as a personal assistant. It is very much a Devil Wears Prada moment. Kara meets the new guy who is James Olsen from the Daily Planet. Nice flirtation moment. Kara's sister is Alex who she is forced to save as her airplane almost crashes which essentially puts her in the spotlight. She flies away after the save. 

After the save, Alex is scared for her sister. Kara is excited and has always felt the need to help people. Alex tells her it is not safe for her to do anything like that which leaves Kara heartbroken. Kara's boss Cat says that Supergirl is what she needs to save the tribune which was about to be downsized. Kara decides to confide in her coworker, Winn. We get to meet the creepy man with a weird head. He is advised to kill Kara. We now have our typical hero outfit montage. Winn hacks into the crime database to give her information on crimes. She is now wearing the coat of arms. While mid flight she is shot with kyptonite darts. She is brought to a facility and realizes that her sister is an agent. She is part of an organization to stop alien invasion. Alien convicts have escaped onto Earth due to Kara's emergence from the phantom zone. Kara is so upset with her sister for the lies. 

Kara's boss names the new female hero #SuperGirl. James Olsen steps in and saves Kara who is upset with the name. He brings in a picture of Supergirl to save Kara from losing her job. Kara meets with one of the escape alien convicts, Kara is losing this fight pretty badly. Her sister comes in and saves her. Kara is broken and admits that the world doesn't need her. Alex shows up to Kara's apartment. Alex is forced to talk to her through the door. Alex brings her a projected message from her mother that tells her that there is no correct path and that she needs to remain brave, strong, and true to herself. Alex tells her that she needs to change. Kara takes on the convict again and uses her heat vision to burn his weapon and the guy uses a shard to kill himself after saying there is a bigger threat coming. James Olsen lets the bomb drop that he knew what she was and how Clark sent him there. Clark wanted her to choose to be the hero. James brings her a gift from him which is the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby and that it will not shred. James says that Clark is proud of her. Episode ends with Astra-El saying that she will rule Earth and her niece will not stand in her way. 

Fangirl Thoughts: Now if you know anything about me then you know that Smallville broke my heart so bad due to the lack of flying until the bitter end that I was unable to watch Arrow when it first came on due to the lack of trust in the CW. I am so happy that she is flying from the beginning. Overall I was happy with the show. The fight sequence could have been better but it was a good start. I like that Jimmy knows the truth about her and was purposely sent. What did you think?

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