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New York Times bestselling writer Kurt Busiek (ASTRO CITY, MARVELS) and rising-star artist Benjamin Dewey (I WAS THE CAT, TRAGEDY SERIES) will launch the second story arc of the high-fantasy epic THE AUTUMNLANDS in November. Previously in THE AUTUMNLANDS, a secret enclave of wizards reached into their forgotten past to bring back a legendary hero to save their dying lands. But instead of the savior they’d hoped for, they got a completely unexpected kind of hero.

In THE AUTUMNLANDS #7, our lost and wounded heroes seek safety, but instead find something...bizarre.

Said Busiek: “There are answers, there are questions, there are clues about the nature of the world and how it changed from Learoyd’s era to the Autumnlands. And there’s beer. A breakfast. And angry goats. It’s our first look at the wider world of the Autumnlands, and it’s not what anyone was expecting. Least of all Learoyd and Dusty.” He added, “As usual, Ben Dewey’s making miracles happen on the page—and Jordie Bellaire’s taking it even further. I’ve got to up my game just to do justice to what they’re delivering. It’s stunning, stunning work.”

“Issue seven ends with one of the most ambitious spreads I've ever done and I have to build a model of it so I can make sense of it for any subsequent appearances!” said Dewey. “The [plot] details [Kurt] has revealed to me will be challenging, exciting and fun to manifest. I really hope that we are able to welcome some new readers to the series by expanding the scope and introducing unexpected characters. Current readers ought to enjoy seeing the world they've come to know unfold more and in surprising ways.” He continued, “I'm always excited to see what Jordie and JG will do overtop the raw inks to improve what Kurt and I establish. We've switched up some formatting elements and moved outside the cityscape so it should be a whole new playground for them to practice their wizardry.”

THE AUTUMNLANDS #7 hits stores Wednesday, November 11th. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, October 19th.

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