Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Flash S2, Ep. 1 "The Man Who Saved Central City" Recap

Important Moments: All happy moments with Barry saving the day. All things are perfect until he wakes up from his day dream and realizes that everything is as it is when the season ended. Barry is on his own and you see posters about The Flash. Barry and Joe work a crime scene and you can see the strain. Barry is being photographed without his knowledge. Cisco is teamed up with Joe on a Meta-Human Task force. Iris turns up to Jitters to convince Barry to accept the key to the city as The Flash. Apparently Barry has been going around at night fixing the businesses that were damaged. Barry relives the end of last season and how he destroyed the black hole by running so fast. Firestorm was forced to separate in the eye of it to help further stabilize the event. Ronnie disappeared in the event. We further see why Barry is riddled with guilt.  At the rally for the Flash Day, Caitlyn makes an appearance. Barry does make an appearance to accept the award. Chaos ensues and we see a hoodied figure with a stupid mask that is uber strong. Cisco has a flashback to this man as if he has seen him before. The man begins to grow after being booted by one of Cisco's creations. Turns out the helmeted villain is the body (Al Rothstein) found at the nuclear plant from earlier in the episode. Cisco shows up to Mercury labs where Caitlyn is working. While she is reluctant she does agree to help.

Greg Turk, an attorney, shows up and wants to talk about Star Labs. Apparently Wells left the place to Barry. Barry is given a video message on a usb and at first he refuses to watch but takes the drive. Barry runs over to the labs and everyone is working at the lab and ignoring Barry's questions on why they are there. While Barry listens to the advice on where to find Atom Smasher, he refuses to accept their help and runs off to face the villain alone. Fight sequence time. Barry fights the Atom Smasher. Barry is getting beat up while the Atom Smasher mentions how Barry is supposed to be a hero. He runs back to the lab and passes out. Flashback to Barry as a kid. There is a beautiful moment between Joe and Barry and him being there to support him. Barry wakes up from being knocked out. Barry is told by Joe that it is not his fault. 

Barry goes to see Caitlyn and they are both blaming themselves. They decide to watch the USB together. Wells is a pompous jerk but he confesses to killing Barry's mother. It is a great gift and now Barry wants to free his father. Everyone is together at STAR Labs and they are excited that Barry's father might be getting out. The old team has been reunited. They call out the Atom-Smasher by using a spotlight with the flash symbol and Cisco makes a joke that he may have seen it in a comic before. They lure Atom Smasher to a nuclear plant and flood the room with radiation and beat him. Barry asks him why he wants to kill him and Al says that someone promises him that he could go home. He answers that it was Zoom that told him. Barry's father receives a welcome home party. Barry's father says he does not plan on staying because he believes that he will be a detriment to Barry's growth. Barry drops his dad off and meets everyone back at the labs. Jay Garrick shows up in the lab telling Barry that his world is in danger. Cisco upgraded the suit and it now has a white background to the lightening bolt. 

My Thoughts:
I vehemently do not agree with Barry's father ditching him after he gets out of prison. There is no good excuse. I am disgusted with him for doing this to Barry. Poor Barry. I was with this show until that moment. You want me to believe that his father was willing to leave just like that! The rest of the episode was good and I look forward to seeing Jay Garrick in the upcoming episode and I also look forward to seeing more of Cisco's powers develop. Overall a good episode and I am waiting to see how the second season develops. I will be happy as long as Iris West is not annoying. 

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