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The Flash S2, ep. 3 "A Family of Rogues" Recap

Barry gets a call from Iris and she is being shot at like a fool! Who does she think she is, Lois Lane! He tells her to jump out the window and asks if she trusts him. (that is too heavy handed) He then runs and catches her which technically should have killed her if you think about the science behind it but I guess we aren't supposed to pay attention to details like that. Barry tries to experiment with the breach and they cannot find out how to stabilize it so they can get through. 

Joe meets with his wife and tries to give her money for her to walk away. Francine claims that she is ready to be with her daughter. She claims she is not going anywhere. Lisa Snart bumps into the gang and says she needs help because her brother has been kidnapped. The Flash shows up and Lenny has not been kidnapped but is working with his dad. Barry gets frozen and defrosts. Lisa is upset that Lenny is working with her father. She shows that she has a scar from her father and refuses to believe that her brother would work with their father. She believes her brother is in trouble and asks for help to find out what is going on. 

Barry meets with Lenny and asks why is he working with Lewis. Lenny refuses to give in and will continue to work with Lewis. Joe tells Barry that Francine is alive. He gives very vague reasons about Francine being a bad mother. Lenny is listening to the plan of his father's and tries to make suggestions about how to not kill people but Lewis does not want to hear it. Lewis then blows up the head of the other guy who dares to speak to Lenny in a disrespectful manner. Turns out that Lewis put a bomb in Lisa's head to make Lenny work with him. 

Joe sits down with Iris to tell her about her mother. He says her mother was a drug addict. He put her in rehab and then she left. He did not want Iris to know her mother abandoned her. He tells her that her mother is alive and wants to see her. She tells her dad that she understands. (A beautiful Black family moment!) 

Barry plans to go undercover with the crew to help Lenny. Barry helps them break into the secured level and once he is done Lewis shoots him. Have no fear, Barry was not shot, he caught the bullet. Cisco plans to extract the bomb from Lisa and she says she does trust him. As soon as Lisa is safe, Lewis freezes his father. Lenny claims he killed him since he broke his sister's heart. Lenny is in jail and Barry is visiting him. Barry finds out that Lenny's Achilles heel is Lisa. Barry gives Lenny an inspirational talk and Lenny jokes at being a hero.....(foreshadowing).

Barry gets Patty's number when they are flirting at the coffee shop. She realizes that he was not asking in that way and tries to play it off. Lisa stops by and says thank you to Cisco. She kisses him and takes off on her bike. They test out the stabilization of the breach. Dr. Stein throws something in and he says excelsior when he finishes. Jay is now ready to go back to his earth. They beg him to stay. He states that after handling Zoom he will go home. Dr. Stein flames up like firestorm but then the flames turn blue and they are confused. The lab at night has someone come out of the breach; It is Dr. Wells.

Fangirl Thoughts: I really enjoyed this episode. It was not too action packed and it did not drag. I will admit I did get a little teared up when Joe was talking to Iris. I hope her mother is back for a good reason. I guess we shall see. While I am interested in Dr. Stein, I really want to see what their plans are for Jay and Caitlin and see if they are really planning for Caitlin to find a way to mend her broken heart. 

What did you think of the episode?

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