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The Flash S2, Ep. 4 "The Fury of Firestorm" recap

The show starts with Jefferson Jackson a high school student having a great football game and thinking about going to college. Then you see him get when the accelerator exploded. Now back to present day they have calmed Dr. Stein. They are tying to figure out what to do about Dr. Stein and find another meta human for him to merge with. Barry goes and steals the blood from the potential firestorms to see if they are compatible. The potentials are Henry Hewitt or Jefferson Jackson and they plan to meet with both of them. We see Wells lurking in the background. Jacks wants to refuse talking about the accelerator since it ruined his life and he is angry that his college dreams were destroyed. Iris and Joe meet with Francine at the coffee shop. Iris asks the hard questions and comes out the gate swinging. She tells her mother that she does not hate her and that she wants to continue to live a separate life from her mother. Henry Hewitt is at the lab and Caitlyn is excited for him. Hewitt is in and everyone is excited but Barry has a lot of reservations. 

They attempt the merge but it does not work. Hewitt is frustrated and walks out but not before we see a little bit of fire on his hand. There is a break in at Caitlyn's old job and we see that Wells stole something. As Joe investigates the theft he tells Patty to keep it a secret from Barry. Francine shows up to Joe's work. Francine drops the bombshell that she is dying and that is why she came back. Jefferson visits the lab and they tell him the truth about his potential abilities. Jacks wants nothing to do with it. Caitlyn is determined and she wants to try again with Hewitt. We see Hewitt getting mad at his job and flames dancing around him. Joe has a frank discussion with Barry about Patty and that it is time for him to move on from Iris as his first love. 

Joe lets Iris know that Francine is dying. He tells her that he is okay if she wants to meet with her. Caitlyn visits with Jacks. She tells him about Ronnie. Hewitt shows up and attacks Jacks and is going after Snow. Jacks is able to knock Hewitt out before they take off. Jacks agrees to merge and the merge takes. Hewitt is at the football stadium and The Flash shows up and the new Firestorm shows up. They plan to make Hewitt so mad that he blows his fuse and he is down for the count. Iris meets with Francine. Apparently Francine is still lying. Francine had a son 8 moths after she left. Iris is upset. Iris tells Francine to leave them alone. Stein and Jacks plan to leave to train to get better. Stein tells Cisco to tell his friends what is going on and to not be scared. Barry is watching Patty from the window as the Flash and the shark man from the episode shows up and grabs him. Patty tries to shoot him but he keeps moving. A man shows up and shoots him with a gun and Barry confronts him and it is Dr. Wells.

Fangirl Thoughts: I really enjoyed seeing the Shark man. He made me giggle. I know that there was a lot going on in this episode but the Shark Man made it for me. We all knew from the gate that Hewitt was bad for the Firestorm project. Just because you are educated does not mean you are a good person. I am happy that Jacks worked out.  I look forward to seeing how the West Family drama unfolds. 

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