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The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 1 "First Time Again" Recap and Review

Important Moments:
 Present Time: Show starts with the group surrounded by a lot of zombies making a plan to deal with the zombie horde that is in a rock quarry. Rick is leading the group. (If this is the moment that happens in the comics where my favorite character faces a huge challenge, I will be excited. Frankly I do not think they will have it occur on television though.)

Flashback to the aftermath pf Reg and Pete. It appears as though the flashback moments will be black and white. Deanna tells Gabriel that he wasn't wrong and Abraham is carrying the body. Reunion moment of Tara waking up and Eugene is happy until she mentions Noah. Rick tells Morgan that he doesn't take chances anymore. Rick is in the walkie talkie navigating everyone. They are leading the horde on a designated route. Flashback: Rick tells Daryl that they do not need to go looking for people anymore and Daryl does not agree. They had Morgan quarantined. Rick is interrogating him to make sure he is on the up and up. Heath, Scott, and Annie show up after being out on a run. Eugene lets Heath know that he should be talking to Deanna for an update. Morgan is free. Rick admits to shooting Pete because he killed Reg. Ron is following the car that is taking the body of his father to be buried. While getting rid of the body Rick hears something and they find all the walkers in the quarry. Rick narrowly saves Ron from going off the cliff. Rick realizes that this quarry is how the community has been safe because the walkers have been boxed in. 

Flashback: Rick tries to talk sense into Ron but you can tell he is a punk teenager that just will not listen. Rick does the right thing and buries. Rick talks to the group about how to deal with the quarry. Deanna agrees that leading the walkers is the best. Gabriel volunteers but Rick shoots him down and I cannot help but to giggle. Morgan talks to Carol and asks her if she is a cop. He sees her watching and knows that her cookie making grandmom persona is not true. 

Present: The plan is working and they were able to divert the walkers. Abraham is having a moment and is enjoying hoping out of the car to kill the walkers that wander off. Carter is running through the group and gets bitten and draws the walkers off their path with his screaming. So basically all his worry and thinking Rick is putting the group at risk and because of his stupidity he has drawn the walkers off their path. Rick tries to get Carter to be quiet but keeps yelling that Rick had to kill him. They continue on leading the walkers down the designed path. Then they hear the sound of a horn and the zombies are being pulled off the path and they are now headed towards the town. 

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed seeing the black and white. It reminded me off the comic and was a great approach of showing the past versus the present. I really wished they showed us more of the actual end of Pete and Reg but I understand why they did not do it. They just referenced it. I personally think Rick needs to back off of Jessie; that path is dead and he needs to move on and give the woman space. How the episode ended and knowing the town is about to be overrun with walkers, I am hoping for....Spoiler Alert - Carl to lose his eye. I do not think they should cut that part out. Spoiler Alert Over. I look forward to seeing more of Morgan being Rick's moral compass.

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