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The Walking Dead S6. ep. 2 "JSS" Recap

Show starts with the Enid losing her family and on the road by herself. She does what she has to in order to survive. She writes the initials JSS and finds herself wandering to Alexandria. Carol is spending times with the ladies in the pantry and playing up her role. Carol seems Sam and gives him some tough words and tells him to go home. Maggie takes Deanna out to garden and gets her to focus on the community. Eugene and Tara give inspirational words to Denise who is afraid of being the town doctor. Carl agrees to help Gabriel finally learn to fight. Carol is cooking and looks out the window and sees the neighbor killed by a machete wielding man. The town is under attack. Jesse and Sam are trapped in a closet. Carl is in the house with a gun protecting Judith. Enid is about to leave by Carl tells her she is staying to help protect Judith.

Carol is slinking around. We see how crazy these killers are. The driver of a truck headed towards the town is shot and killed and runs into the walls and his body is laying on the horn. Now we know why we hear the horn. Morgan shows up and stops the horn and tells Hunter to hide. Morgan is about to fight a guy but Carol stabs him and she had made herself look like one of the wolves. Morgan says they don't have to kill and Carol says they do. Again inspirational words for Denise to do surgery. Carl saves Ron but like a punk teenager he refuses to go with him. Jesse is confronted by a woman and is knocked out when she has to leave the safety of the closet to find Ron who has entered the house. She ends up stabbing the woman repeatedly. 

There had to be at least one blood on the screen moment. Morgan is not for the killing but Carol is running around handing out guns and taking people out. Morgan is confronted by 5 people. He tells them to run if they want to live. He chases them out and closes the gate after. Carol is rubbing off the blood and crying and turns and sees the letter A on the porch. (Geez, can they be anymore heavy handed) Aaron finds one of the intruders with a backpack filled with pictures of the town and he blames himself. Denise tried to save Holly but sadly fails. Enid leaves Carl a note saying Just Survive Somehow. So I guess we know what JSS means. The timer goes off for the food that Carol was making. Morgan walks into a house where there is one guy left. He is one of the guys that Morgan let go. Morgan says I am sorry before taking him out. Morgan and Carol are walking the street in the town and pass by each other and take different paths. (Again way too heavy handed!)

My Thoughts:
There are too many inspirational words being thrown around. It is just annoying. I understand it happening but c'mon, it was an overkill. There were too many moments that people had to inspire others. Also here we go with Morgan being the moral compass. While I understand the need to not kill, you live in a very nasty world now and morals may need to change. 

I have to wonder if this episode was written by a romance novelist or something. This was just too much for me. I found myself actually bored and saying why, for the love of God, why. Hopefully next week will be better. What did you think?

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