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The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 3 "Thank You" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with the other group. The horn is going and the group is trying to stop the half of the zombie horde that broke off. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are continuing on with the other half of the horde. Rick wants Glenn and Michonne to help the group get back while Rick continues on to save the group. Rick pulls Glenn and Michonne aside and says that they won't all make it back and they need to do what needs to be done to survive. The horn stops.

Michonne, Heath, and Glenn run and attack the zombies. The one guy runs off after being an idiot and shooting the guy in the leg. Daryl tells Abraham and Sasha that he wants to go back and he makes the hard decision to leave them. One guy gets bitten and worries about his wife back at Alexandria. The group comes across some cars and plan to check them to see if one can get them back. They find the hat of Sturgess who left them behind. They come across his body being eaten by walkers. Nicholas leads them into an abandoned pet store. Are we going to get zombie hamsters? That would be real cool. Glenn plans to create a distraction so everyone else can get away. Heath continues to make snide comments because he overheard what Rick said to Michonne and Glenn. Rick is running down the street and hears Glenn's plan. Annie and Scott say to leave them since they are slowing them down. Rick makes it to the RV and takes off. 

Michonne and the group start to hear pounding and it causes noises which draws the walkers. The horde is now in town and they are trapped. The team blasts their way out and takes off. Annie goes down first and the crowd keeps going. Glenn and Nicholas realize that the building has already been set on fire and they scramble to find another building. Nicholas and Glen find themselves trapped in an alley. Heath helps Michonne get over the fence by shooting the zombies holding her leg. David dies Blood on camera moment as always. Nicholas looks at Glenn and says thank You, shoots himself and falls causing Glenn to fall with him. Glenn appears to be torn apart by the zombies.

Heath and Glenn are helping carry Scott. Michonne stops and they do not see smoke and she is concerned that Glenn didn't make it. Rick uses the walkie talkie to say he is in place but he does not hear back. Rick hears gunfire from Alexandria and tells them to not turn back. The RV door is open and gun fire erupts. Rick is attacked by the wolves (especially the guy with the gun). Daryl hears it and is concerned. Rick kills the two guys. He pulls out a jar of baby food from the one guy's pocket. He notices more wolves sneaking up on the RV. He shoots the hell out of the side of the RV. Michonne, Heath, and Scott make it back to Alexandria and see that it is a burnt out shell. Daryl meets back up with Abraham and Sasha to lead the majority of the horde. Rick is having problems getting the RV to start as the zombie horde approaches. 

My thoughts: So in the end Nicholas's selfish ways leads to Glenn's alleged death. I am not completely on board that he is dead but I am going to go with him supposedly being dead. I am just mad that Glenn did not get to meet Lucille but I guess it is like Dale and Hershel the question is who will now be taking the place of Glenn. My question is will Maggie become the Maggie we know in the comics.  I actually enjoyed this episode and I look forward to seeing the aftermath of all of this. Based off the previews it looks like we see what happened to Morgan in the past in the next episode so I am not sure how much aftermath we will truly get to see. With the walkers approaching the town you all know what moment I am hoping for. What did you think about this episode?

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