Monday, November 9, 2015

Critter's Corner: The Peanuts® Movie Review

The Critter Corner is back to give you a review of The Peanuts Movie!

IMDB Story line: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the beloved "Peanuts" gang make their big-screen debut, like they've never been seen before, in state of the art 3D animation. Charlie Brown, the world's most beloved underdog, embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while his best pal, the lovable beagle Snoopy, takes to the skies to pursue his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron. From the imagination of Charles M. Schulz and the creators of the ICE AGE films, THE PEANUTS MOVIE will prove that every underdog has his day.

Daddy: The Peanuts's just turned 65 years old - Charlie Brown, Snoopy and The Peanuts Gang became (still is) a massively successful franchise. Selling The Peanuts' Brand to many companies made both Good Ole Chuck and the purchasing companies highly profitable. So, why not make a movie! Huh what why how? The Peanuts are a jovial, good-heart stress-free cartoon epic that's without body-function jokes or 21st century vulgarity, (It will never work)! Are you kidding!!!! Jac take it from here.

Jac: I have never seen so many kids, mothers, and fathers climbing chairs throwing popcorn crying and screaming before (KOOL)!

Daddy: Alright easy! It was a wild ride and Blue Sky Productions who did the CGI 3D Animation did a wonderful recreation of the Classic Peanuts in their nostaglic environment (no cell phones tv computers and the classic typewriter). The color was vibrant and the music scores were brilliant.There was one NEW song in particular that started progress through the movie and by the end you were singing along, 'Better When I Am Dancin' - Meghan Trainor (Jac: U Kno That All About The Base Chic....) Daddy: RELAX ! I can not say enough great things about the film. I was a skeptic at first and thought Jac would never see it. However, in his own words...

Jac: I have seen all The Peanuts Tv Movies and really wanted to see this one(did not think papa wanted to go).

Daddy: My son, I, and millions of kids ranging from 1 to 100 packed theaters and debuted the film at number one. Keeping to the Charles Schultz legacy, no explosions, special effects ,vulgarity, cheesy micro body ware! Only, what you expect from Good Ole Chuck = Fun 4 1/2 Thumbs up!

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