Monday, November 16, 2015

Halo 5 Review with Jay

What is the game you picked up and on what system?

I picked up Halo 5 on the XBONE.

How is the storyline?

The story is pretty good, it picks up right where Halo 4 left off. If you haven’t played Halo 4 and you are into the story of Halo you will need to play that one as this game directly references that one.

How are the graphics?

The graphics are awesome. The character models look fantastic and the environments have a familiar yet brand new feeling to them. There was a lot of mocap work involved and it was done great.

Would you recommend this to others and if so why?

If you have an XBONE this is a game that will go great in the library. The campaign is co-op which is always a good thing in my opinion. The multiplayer (which most people come for anyway) is addictive and fun. Warzones and Arena are my favorite two multiplayer modes so far.

Favorite part of the game?

In a word WARZONES. That multiplayer mode is a lot of fun and there are always differing objectives to keep you on your toes. The addition of bosses in the mode also makes things very interesting.

What is the replay value?

Multiplayer mode is where the value lies in this game. As much as I enjoy the campaign mode, the bread and butter of this series is its online multiplayer.

Did you pick up the game on Day One and if so what made this a day one purchase for you?

Yes, I did pick it up day one. I ordered the Special Edition on Amazon. Even if I didn’t this game would have been a Day One buy for me. There are a few game series that are Day One purchases for me and this happens to be one of them.

Did you own previous installments of this game and how does it match up with its predecessors?

Yes, I do own previous installments. In all honesty it feels like a continuation of the story that was set up in the very first game. In my opinion, each game has gotten better so I am enjoying it and looking forward to the series evolving.

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